What is the meaning of planimeter?

What is the meaning of planimeter?

Definition of planimeter : an instrument for measuring the area of a plane figure by tracing its boundary line.

How does a planimeter work?

As the planimeter moves, the wheel partially rolls and partially slides. Motion of the segment in the direction of the vector N causes the wheel to roll, which is recorded on a scale attached to the wheel. The motion of the segment along its length causes the wheel to slide, and this motion is not recorded.

What is polar planimeter?

A polar planimeter is a mechanical device used to measure the area of a region by tracing the boundary of the region.

What is a digital planimeter?

An instrument used to measure the areas of maps or planes and flat surfaces in general. It is called a mechanical integrator and has a tracing point that performs double measurement of the perimeter of the relevant surfaces.

What is linear planimeter?

Linear Planimeter The two planimeters differ in the movement of the end of the tracer arm opposite the tracer point. In the linear planimeter, that end is restricted to move along a straight line. In the polar planimeter, the end opposite the tracer point is restricted to move along a circle.

What is box sextant?

Box sextant is a small pocket instrument which looks like a sextant enclosed in a box and is 75mm in diameter. Similar to the nautical instrument, it is also used for measuring both the horizontal and vertical angles. Box sextant is a very small and handy instrument which is easy to carry.

Why is a planimeter important?

Significance of Planimeter in Area computation The planimeter gives more accurate (within one percent) results compared to the other methods except by direct calculation from the field notes. It is used for determining the areas of figures plotted to scale, especially when the boundaries are irregular.

What is a Pantagraph used for?

Pantagraph is an instrument used for reproducing the map (whether to enlarge or to reduce). It works on the principle of the parallelogram.

What is zero setting in polar planimeter?

HAFF Planimeters are fitted with a large, crystal-clear tracing lens, and a setting wheel with which to zero the scales. The lens enlarges the view of the line being traced and so makes possible a very high degree of accuracy. The setting wheel is used to zero the scales without touching the internal mecha- nism.