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What goes good with a hot tub?

What goes good with a hot tub?

Best Hot Tub Accessories

  • Inflatable Crab Floating Drink Holders.
  • Inflatable Hot Tub Bar.
  • Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards.
  • Starfish Underwater LED Lights.
  • Spazazz Eucalyptus Mint Spa and Bath Crystals.
  • Lightahead Bluetooth WaterProof Floating Speaker.
  • GoFloats Inflatable Floatmingo Drink Holder.
  • Scum Star Oil Absorbing Sponge.

How can I make my hot tub more fun?

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub

  1. Read a Good Book. Why sit on the couch and read when you can be in the hot tub?
  2. Relax with Music and Aromatherapy.
  3. Watch a Movie.
  4. Water Dance and Exercise.
  5. Host a Hot Tub Party.
  6. Play Games.
  7. Take a Phone Call.
  8. Meditate.

What accessories do I need for a hot tub?

Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular must-have hot tub accessories.

  • Bromine/Chlorine Floater. Ranging from fun to practical, the options for hot tub bromine and chlorine floaters are endless.
  • Spa Steps.
  • Spa Vacuum.
  • Umbrella.
  • Drink Holder.
  • Cover Lift.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Oil and Scum Removers.

Can you use a Floatie in a hot tub?

Just toss one in your hot tub and let if float. The ball is too big to become a problem for your filter system and the soft material is a natural absorbent. Use as a Doorstop. Hot tubs are well insulated and protected with a thick foam cover to help deter heat loss.

Why do I float in the hot tub?

Simply put, height and weight are the main factors. In other words, shorter people are more likely to float in hot tubs. Not only are they likely to be lighter; there’s also a chance they’re struggling to reach the floor, where others may be able to use their feet for additional grip.

Where do you put the towels in a hot tub?

Towel Rack Forget about draping your towels over the nearest chair when you head out to your spa area. A towel rack gives you a handy space to set up your towels and keep them close at hand when you get out of the hot tub. Forget about running to the bathroom and dripping water all over the house to get a towel.

Can u go in hot tub in rain?

Yes, you can. It is good in both rain and snow because your body is warm even though your head may feel cold.

How do I make my hot tub romantic?

Setting the scene for a romantic evening with your loved one can be fun and is well worth the effort. Here’s how to plan the perfect romantic hot tub date night….Add some mood lighting

  1. firelight/fire pit.
  2. patio string lights or fairy lights.
  3. candles or lanterns.
  4. hot tub lighting features.

What do guys do in a hot tub?

Date Night: Fun in the Hot Tub

  • Romantic Lighting. Candles, soft lamps, or twinkle lights are an important addition to the romantic ambiance.
  • Refreshments.
  • Lubricant.
  • Music.
  • Relaxing Rub.
  • Horizontal Play.
  • Fun And Games.
  • Water Play.

Should I put tennis balls in my hot tub?

Place a few tennis balls in your hot tub’s water or in the skimmer. These balls will soak up oils and lotions that ride on the surface of your water as the build-up can lessen the effectiveness of the filters. This is a neat trick that makes it super easy to refresh your water, especially after heavy use.

Should I use a floating chlorine dispenser in hot tub?

A floater is really the worst way to take care of sanitizing your tub—about the most “dinosaur” method still used. This not only can be an unsafe way to treat and sanitize hot water, it really sets you up to damage your hot tub, and in some cases that damage could be catastrophic.