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What does Hypercathected mean?

What does Hypercathected mean?

Attention first addressed the indications of quality transmitted by these already cathected neurones, and then, via a facilitated pathway, focused on the perceptions themselves, which were thus hypercathected. “By this means [the ego] is led to cathect precisely the right perceptions or their environment” (p. 362).

What does Cathectic mean?

emotional energy
Definition of cathectic : of, relating to, or invested with mental or emotional energy.

How do you use Cathect in a sentence?

USAGE: “Mortimer divorced Jane Goodall’s mother, Vanne, in 1950, consigning Jane to the fate of so many children who cathect with the animal kingdom to compensate for missing parents.”

What according to Freud is Cathexes?

According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, the cathexis and anticathexis control how the id utilizes its energy. Cathexis refers to the id’s dispersal of energy while the anticathexis serves to block inappropriate uses of this energy.

What does Palimpsestic mean?

Definition of palimpsestic 1 : forming or appearing in a palimpsest. 2 : producing palimpsests.

What is narcissistic cathexis?

The narcissist cathexes (emotionally invests) with grandiosity everything he owns or does: his nearest and dearest, his work, his environment. The narcissist uses these inputs to regulate his fluctuating sense of self-worth.

What is psychic energy called?

In psychology, psychic energy, or psychological energy, is the energy by which the workof the personality is performed. The concept of mental energies moving or displacing between various adjoined, conscious and unconscious, mental systems was developed predominantly in Sigmund Freud’s 1923 The Ego and the Id.

How do you use the word palimpsest?

Palimpsest in a Sentence 🔉

  1. While the tradition has changed over time, it is still a palimpsest of our family’s history.
  2. The town is constantly changing, and as such, it can be viewed as a frequently altered palimpsest.