What is the meaning of TPHA negative?

What is the meaning of TPHA negative?

If there is a small clear centre and the cells are settled to a compact bottom, the result can be interpreted as TPHA negative. In case of a TPHA test negative or the results confer to the TPHA test normal range there is no further investigation required.

Will TPHA become negative?

The response of the Treponema Pallidum Haemagglutination Assay (TPHA) to treatment was studied in 61 cases of early infectious syphilis. In none of the 55 cases of early syphilis in which the pre-treatment TPHA was positive did the TPHA test become consistently negative after treatment.

Is TPHA confirmatory test for syphilis?

As described, there are two standard screening methods and two alternative confirmatory tests for the laboratory diagnosis of syphilis: VDRL (sensitivity = 86%, specificity = 85%); RPR (sensitivity = 78%, specificity = 85%); TPHA (sensitivity >95%, specificity >99%) and.

What is TPHA test in pregnancy?

In order to determine whether pregnancy influences the specificity of the fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS) and Treponema palidum haemagglutination assay (TPHA) tests, these tests, together with the quantitative fluorescent treponemal antibody (FTA) and Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) …

What is the normal range of TPHA test?

CSF abnormalities Serum TPHA titre
CSF TPHA titre ≥ 1:640, n (%) 7 (7) 39 (80)
Median (IQR)a 1:640 (1:640–1:640) 1:2560 (1:1280–1:10,240)
TPHA index > 70, n (%) 8 (8) 39 (80)
Median (IQR)a 159 (116–193) 689 (329–1351)

Can Tpha be false positive?

Biological false positive reactions were shown by 26 of the leprosy sera, of which three or 11.5% were also reactive in the TPHA test. A further four sera in the leprosy group were reactive only in the TPHA test. The possible cause of false reactive TPHA test results is discussed.

What is Tpha positive?

TPHA POSITIVE MEANS YOU HAD infection with treponema sometimes in your life. Treatment depends on your history and stage.

How common is a false negative syphilis test?

Results: The hospital laboratory reported 5.3% (64/1,210) of patients’ test as reactive on initial screening, and the research laboratory found 6.4% (78/1,210) reactive. Fourteen reactive patients were incorrectly reported negative by the hospital laboratory, as confirmed by both laboratories.

Which test is better VDRL or TPHA?

VDRL test is less likely to identify syphilis except in primary stage of disease where TPHA may appear non- reactive. Moreover, it produces more false-positive results at all stages and more false-negative results in late disease.

Can TPHA be false positive?