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What date is the Paris Marathon?

What date is the Paris Marathon?

03 April, 2022
2022 Schneider Electric Paris Marathon The 2022 Paris Marathon will take place on Sunday 03 April, 2022. The Paris Marathon is one of Europe’s most popular sporting events. Your running journey will start on Les Champs Elysées before taking you on a truly spectacular journey through the City of Light.

When was the first Paris Marathon?

Paris Marathon/First event date

How much does it cost to run the Paris Marathon?

Paris Marathon Entry Early registration allows runners to save a few euros: The process begins in mid-September, and registration costs 55 euros (about $70) until October 20, after which the entry fee jumps to 70 euros ($89). After the end of November, you’ll need 85 euros ($108).

Who won the Paris Marathon today?

Kenyan Elisha Rotich
Kenyan Elisha Rotich won the 2021 edition of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris and improved the record of the event in 2 h 4’21”. A record held since 2014 by Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele in 2 h 5’04”.

Who has won the 2016 Paris Marathon in men’s category?


Year Men’s winner Time
2016 Cyprian Kotut 2:07:11
2015 Mark Korir 2:05:49
2014 Kenenisa Bekele 2:05:04
2013 Peter Some 2:05:38

How old is a marathon?

The Marathon as we know it today is over 120 years old, but there have been forms of long distance races since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The Marathon has been an Olympic distance since the modern Olympics started in 1896, but nothing like it was ever seen in the ancient Olympics, run from 776BC to 261AD.

What is a marathon person called?

A marathoner is someone who competes in or completes a marathon, a 26.22-mile (42.2-kilometer) long-distance race. Marathons are most commonly running races, and marathoners are perhaps most commonly called marathon runners. But some marathoners complete marathons in wheelchairs.