What is pagePath Google Analytics?

What is pagePath Google Analytics?

PagePath is a page level dimension, it is used to get metrics on a page by page basis. The Google Analytics view above is showing page path- the API Query made by Analytics Canvas uses landing page. That’s because the total number of pageviews per session where the home page was the landing page is six.

What is Level 2 pagePath?

Page path level 2 is a Dimension in Google Analytics under the Page Tracking section. Page path level 2 Definition: This dimension rolls up all the page paths in the second hierarchical level in pagePath.

What does entrances mean in Google Analytics?

Entrances. Google Analytics records an entrance for each page that a user begins a new session on. So the number of entrances given for a specific page shows how many users began their session with that page.

What is referrer in GTM?

In a nutshell, Referrer is a GTM variable that returns a URL of the previous page that a visitor visited. The referrer is not just some GTM-specific thing.

What is the difference between page path and page URL?

To sum up, the difference between the Page URL and Page Path is that Page URL returns almost the entire URL while Page Path just returns the value that comes after the hostname (but before the query parameter).

What is Page Path Level 1 in GA?

“Page Path Level 1” uses a specific piece of your URL to group pages. If you have a URL structure on your website such as “”, then “Page Path Level 1” refers to “blog.” Going one step further, “Page Path Level 2” refers to “page-title.”

What is Page path in GTM?

To sum up, Page Path returns the part of URL that comes after the hostname (domain) and before the query parameters, URL fragment, or port. An example of this could be /pages/contact-us/. Page URL returns more information about the web page address (includes the protocol, hostname, page path, port, query parameters).

What’s the difference between pageviews and sessions?

Sessions represent a single visit to your website. Pageviews represent each individual time a page on your website is loaded by a User. A single Session can include many Pageviews, if a User navigates to any other web pages on your website without leaving.

What is the difference between page views and entrances?

PAGEVIEWS: total number of pages that visitors looked at. ENTRANCES: the total number of visitors who entered your website on a specific page. SESSIONS: a session is defined as a group of interactions one user takes within a given time frame on your website. Google Analytics defaults that time frame to 30 minutes.

What is the difference between bounce rate and exit rate?

Exit rate is the percentage of visits that were the last in the session whereas bounce rate is the percentage of visits that were the only one of the session.