Why is the African violet called the Saintpaulia?

Why is the African violet called the Saintpaulia?

The genus Saintpaulia is named in honour of Walter, Freiherr (baron) von Saint Paul-Illaire, a German colonial official who is credited with their discovery by Europeans in German East Africa (now Tanzania) in 1892.

How do African violets regenerate?

African Violets: Propagation by Leaf

  1. Step 1: Remove and trim leaf.
  2. Step 2: Cut leaf petiole.
  3. Step 3: Root the leaf cutting.
  4. Step 4: Plantlets at 12 weeks.
  5. Step 5: Separate plantlets from leaf cutting.
  6. Step 6: Prepare pot for plantlet.
  7. Step 7: Pot plantlet.
  8. Step 8: You’re done!

Do violets go dormant?

Do violets need a rest period? African violets do not have a natural dormancy period, and given sufficient warmth and light, will continue to grow and bloom throughout the year.

Is Saintpaulia the same as African violet?

The Saintpaulia houseplant is more commonly known as the African Violet because it originates from Africa and the flowers look like violets (although they’re unrelated). This plant is a newish addition to our homes, only appearing in large numbers starting in America in the 1930’s but has been loved ever since.

What is the best position for African violets?

African violets need indirect sunlight, direct can burn the leaves. Choose a north- or east- facing window for best results. Keep plants away from cold glass and rotate the pot once a week so all leaves receive light. Extend daylight by placing African violets under a grow light during winter months.

How long can African violets live?

50 years
Repotting these blooms is so important due to their long lifespan. “Remember that African violets have a very long lifespan and have been said to last up to 50 years,” says Ryan McEnaney, public relations and communications specialist for Bailey Nurseries.

How often do you water an African violet?

An important point to remember when bottom watering African Violet plants is to top water at least once a month. This way you are flushing out any extra fertilizer salt build up and refreshing the soil/roots from the top too.

How do you grow violets indoors?

How to Grow African Violets

  1. Grow plants in bright, indirect light.
  2. Plant African violets in African violet pots filled with Miracle-Gro® Indoor Potting Mix.
  3. Water and feed with Miracle-Gro® Blooming Houseplant Food.
  4. Split the parent plant into smaller plants when your African violet becomes large and crowded.