Is there any snowfall in Bhaderwah?

Is there any snowfall in Bhaderwah?

Snow and Ice Outlook There are currently no active snow events at this location.

What is the climate now in Jammu and Kashmir?

Today’s temperature in Jammu is 14°c. Day’s maximum temperature would hover at 23°c, while minimum temperature is predicted to be 7°c. Jammu is also known as the winter capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

What is the minimum temperature of Jammu and Kashmir?

The lowest ever temperature in December was recorded in 1934 when mercury fell to minus 12.8 degree Celsius. Meanwhile, in Gulmarg, temperature settled at minus 8.5 degree Celsius, up by 0.1 degree Celsius the previous night.

What was the minimum temperature last night in Srinagar?

The minimum temperature in Srinagar on Sunday night was -5.8 degree Celsius, as compared to the season’s coldest night on Saturday when the night temperature dipped to -6°C. Many water bodies including waterfalls, lakes and streams have frozen across the valley due to extreme cold wave conditions over the past week.

Is Jammu hot or cold?

Jammu is the hottest of the three divisions in Kashmir. The average temperature during peak summer may go up to 38°C. LADAKH is the coldest place of Jammu and Kashmir. The climate is very dry and climate.

Is there snowfall in Jammu?

there is no snow fall in jammu. You can see snowfall at Kashmir area only. Jammu has a pleasant and cool climate for most part of the year and can be visited from September to April.

Does Srinagar have snow?

It snows in areas surrounding Srinagar with higher altitudes around last week of dec / early January . Some of these places are Gulmarg and sonmarg. If you are fortunate, you may experience snow in Srinagar around these times too!

Which is the coldest place in Jammu Kashmir?

The minimum temperature across Kashmir, except at the famous ski-resort of Gulmarg, settled above the freezing point on Monday even as the weather office predicted possibility of a wet spell mid-week.

Does Jammu have snow?