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How do I find a Buy Nothing group in my area?

How do I find a Buy Nothing group in my area?

Finding your local Buy Nothing group is as simple as choosing your country and state in the group finder on You’ll be directed to your nearest group’s Facebook Group. For now, the groups are almost all hosted on Facebook, so you’ll need an account to join, but Buy Nothing is at work on their own app.

How do I join the Buy Nothing project?

We hope you’ll consider joining or starting a sibling group, or connect with your neighbors via the free BuyNothing app, so more people in our community can join the Buy Nothing movement and give where they live – This is what builds community.

What is the Buy Nothing group?

The Buy Nothing Project is a global conglomeration of community-based groups, founded in the United States in 2013, that encourages giving (or recycling) of consumer goods and services (called “gifts of self”) in preference to conventional commerce.

How many Buy Nothing groups are there?

There are 7,000 individual Buy Nothing communities across 44 countries, from a group for New York’s Chinatown to a suburb of Reykjavík in Iceland. After so much success, Buy Nothing is now facing a dilemma: whether to leave Facebook behind.

Is the Buy Nothing app free?

Welcome to the Buy Nothing Project! The world’s gift economy platform. It’s free and everyone is welcome. The Buy Nothing Project was founded in 2013 with the mission to build community by connecting people through hyperlocal gifting, and reducing our impact on the environment.

What is a flash give Buy Nothing?

Gifters can offer items in the group in one of two ways: They can decide to “flash give,” which is when an item is gifted to the first person who responds, or they can “let it simmer,” and let an offer sit a few days before giving it away.

What does Flash gifting mean?

Can you join Buy Nothing without a Facebook account?

Want to Build a New Buy Nothing Gift Economy? Visit this page for more information about all of the ways you can use our freely-given resources to bring your vision to life. Please know that our BuyNothing app is here for everyone to join, so you do not need Facebook or any other social media app to join.

What does gifted mean on Buy Nothing?

Posts in Buy Nothing groups begin with either “Gift” or “Ask” and then stating the item that is being gifted or requested. When gifting, pictures and descriptions are very helpful including if the item has any flaws. Most people will let their post sit for 24-48 hours before selecting who they will gift to.

Can I join Buy Nothing without a Facebook account?

Can I give alcohol on Buy Nothing?

We are a Gift Economy movement. Anything legal is allowed as a gift/ask. All gifts must be given freely without any expectation of reward other than the joy of giving and connecting.

What does simmering mean in Buy Nothing?

Simmer: This is Buy Nothing’s preferred practice of letting a gift post sit for several days and allowing expressions of interest to pile up instead of giving the item to the first person who requests it.