How much does it cost to get bypass surgery in Mexico?

How much does it cost to get bypass surgery in Mexico?

The cost of gastric bypass in Mexico is on an average between $5,199- $6,895. These prices vary from one place to another due to many reasons. However, the cost of this life-saving surgery is very cheap if compared to that in the USA.

How much does a mini gastric bypass cost in Mexico?

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Is More Cost-Effective Than a Traditional Bypass

Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass
Cost $4,499 $5,750
Nights in hospital 3 3
Ground transportation
Pre-op lab

How much is the gastric bypass in Tijuana?

Gastric Bypass in Tijuana Is Very Affordable At a discounted rate of $6,500, gastric bypass surgery at Tijuana Bariatrics is a very affordable way to achieve your ideal body weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Is Mexico bariatric surgery Safe?

Is Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Safe? SECTION SUMMARY: Yes, it is safe as long as proper precautions are taken.

Who qualifies for mini bypass?


  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more (“morbidly obese” or “super obese”), OR.
  • Have a BMI above 35 (“severely obese”) and have a serious obesity-related health problem (although it may also be appropriate for some patients with a BMI as low as 30)

How long is mini gastric bypass?

On average, the mini gastric bypass takes about 45 minutes to an hour to perform. Keep in mind that procedures can differ from patient to patient and from surgeon to surgeon.

Why is bariatric surgery so much cheaper in Mexico?

Here’s why: Medical supplies, salaries and administrative costs are less. This means you pay less for your surgery. Malpractice insurance cost is significantly lower for surgeons in Mexico.

Can I use my HSA for weight loss surgery?

If you have a high-deductible health insurance policy, you likely qualify for a health savings account (HSA). An HSA works like a personal savings account, but the funds can be used only for health-related expenses, such as bariatric surgery.