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Why is my swamp cooler squeaking?

Why is my swamp cooler squeaking?

My Swamp Cooler is Squeaking! Look for loose screws, any metal flaps that seem to be out of place and examine the drive belt. Tighten any screws you find, check to ensure the belt isn’t frayed or cracked and has enough tension. Squeaking can also be a sign that the bearings need to be oiled.

How does a spider bearing work?

Also called evaporative coolers, they operate by blowing air over cooling pads that receive a constant flow of water. The large fan that draws air in the unit is supported by a long shaft, which has double bearings, sometimes called spider bearings.

How do you cool down a bearing?

Using a fan on a bearing housing can be an acceptable cooling method for a bearing in an alert or alarm condition. If the bearing is on a circulating oil system, increasing the oil flow may also cool the bearing. However, too much oil flow can cause oil churn and increased friction inside the bearing.

What kind of oil do you use on swamp cooler bearings?

Step 6: Add Lubricant You will need to use a special oil to lubricate the bearings. You can use 20-weight nondetergent SAE oil or a high-grade turbine oil, such as the lubricant sold in a Zoom Spout Oiler.

How do you fix a noisy swamp cooler?

Clicking Noises Could Be From Loose Parts This problem is easy to fix by replacing the valve if needed or just repositioning it. Tubes that get loose might also cause a similar sound. The repair technician may check various parts of your evaporative cooler to look for parts that need tightened or secured.

How can I make my swamp cooler quieter?

Tips for Reducing Evaporative Cooler Noise

  1. Stand it on a mat. One of the biggest sources of noise with evaporative coolers is transmission into a surface.
  2. Place a barrier in front of the unit.
  3. Build a quiet box.
  4. Run the cooler on a lower setting.
  5. Keep the cooler away from walls.
  6. Buy a higher end unit.

How often should you oil a swamp cooler?

A video is at the bottom of the page for a visual walk through if needed. Evaporative coolers need basic maintenance every year for them to work well and last many years. Oiling the bearings on the rib cage fan is one of those things that should be done yearly.