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What are analytical and post analytical errors?

What are analytical and post analytical errors?

Pre-analytical errors include all errors that occur prior to analysis. Common post-analytical errors include failure to report test results, delay in reporting, incorrect calculation, critical results not reported or delayed, and results sent to the wrong patient.

What is pre-analytical analytical and post analytical?

The pre-analytic testing phase occurs first in the laboratory process. This phase includes what is usually considered the “actual” laboratory testing or the diagnostic procedures, processes, and products that ultimately provide results. The post-analytic phase is the final phase of the laboratory process.

What is pre-analytical?

The preanalytical phase is the phase where the laboratory has no direct control on the process. Preanalytical factors that can affect results include: sample type, sampling time, sample handling, patient’s preparation and the nutritional status of the patient.

What is the difference between pre analysis and analysis?

Preanalytical variables occur prior to specimen testing and may include variables involving the process of obtaining a specimen. Analytical variables occur during actual testing of the specimen.

How are pre analytical errors prevented in the laboratory?

“Other measures for avoiding preanalytical errors that have proven successful are: never accept an unlabelled sample. Never allow unlabelled or mislabeled samples to be relabeled, if recollection is feasible.” “Document relabeling must be approved by an attending physician, with results footnoted.

What are post-analytical factors?

Postanalytical variables occur after a test result is generated. In general, suchpostanalytical errors occur with entry, manipulation, and reporting of test data. Errors in data transmission include relaying or hearing verbal information incorrectly.

What is pre analytical laboratory testing?

Preanalytical phase comprises of test selection, patient identification, collection of the sample, handling of the sample, sorting out, pipetting and centrifugation (2, 3). Negligence in any of these steps can lead to erroneous results attributed to preanalytical phase.