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Is extracurricular popular in Korea?

Is extracurricular popular in Korea?

Audience viewership. Extracurricular was the ninth most-watched South Korean series on Netflix in 2020.

What is jisoo’s job in extracurricular?

Park Joo-hyun plays Bae Gyuri on ‘Extracurricular. ‘ Jisoo, a top student who was abandoned in the ninth grade, works as a security service provider for an illegal prostitution business in order to put himself through school.

What is the story of extracurricular?

“Extracurricular” was released on Netflix last. It follows high school student Oh Ji-soo (played by Kim Dong-hee, who also starred in hit series “Itaewon Class” and “SKY Castle”) as he runs his dangerously illegal sex trafficking business for one simple goal: earning enough money to go to college.

Who is kitae in extracurricular?

Nam Yoon Su
Nam Yoon Su is Kitae, Minhee’s boyfriend and the resident school bully. Jung Da-bin on Minhee: “She wants to continue to draw attention from her friends, so she goes out to make money and is led down the wrong path.

Does extracurricular have romance?

Though Netflix series Extracurricular might sound like a typical high school K-drama, it’s anything but. Instead, it’s an intense take on serious issues like compensated dating and bullying—a bit like the popular drama School, but with more darkness and less romance.

Will there be a season 2 of extracurricular?

The K-drama landed on Netflix on 29th April 2020, with its first season. But there is no confirmation of a season renewal.

Is jisoo in extracurricular a pimp?

You’re all just criminals. These are the last words that Minhee, a teenager who prostituted in the drama ‘Extracurricular,’ shouted to her classmate Jisoo, who turned out to be a pimp.

Does Mr Lee find out who uncle is?

Inside the hospital room, Mr Lee wakes up and tells Ji-Soo they were unlucky. This seems to hint that he knows who Ji-Soo is in the sense that he’s Uncle but we’re left with this slightly ambiguous bit of dialogue to chew over instead. Only, Mr Lee is ready for them and knocks out the two officers before sneaking away.

Did jisoo survive Extracurricular?

Gi-tae stabs Ji-soo with a pair of scissors. Ji-soo is wounded badly as blood starts pouring out. As Gi-tae tries to attack him for the second time, he is knocked out by Gyuri. Gyuri and Ji-soo leave the apartment but as Ji-soo is bleeding, they leave a trail behind.

Is there season 2 of Extracurricular?

All the episodes were released on the same day. The fate of the series is still unknown. In the year following Netflix’s launch, the Extracurricular has still to be renewed for the Extracurricular Season 2 or formally canceled.

Does Mr Lee know who uncle is?

Though Mr. Lee claims that he has no idea who Uncle is, their conversation in the hospital indicates that he knows Ji-soo’s alter ego. In the brief interaction, he stares at Ji-soo intently and says that they got unlucky with the gangsters.

Will there be extracurricular Season 2?