What is the nicest beach in Louisiana?

What is the nicest beach in Louisiana?

8 Best Beaches in Louisiana

  • Rutherford Beach. Credit: AtHouse Studio via
  • Cypremort Point Beach. Credit: Rischard Byrd via
  • Grand Isle Beach. Credit: Louisiana GOHSEP via
  • Holly Beach.
  • North Beach.
  • Fontainebleau State Park.
  • Lake Claiborne State Park.
  • White Sands Lake Day Beach.

Does Louisiana have any nice beaches?

Beaches in Louisiana are a mix of barrier islands and gulf beaches, as well as freshwater lakes. Grand Isle is the closest and most popular beach destination from New Orleans. Cypremort Point Beach, Holly Beach, North Beach, Fontainebleau State Park, North Beach, and Shell Beach are all popular destinations.

Does Louisiana have any clear water beaches?

Louisiana doesn’t have crystal clear waters, but there are countless lakes and rivers that are safe for swimming. Cypremort Point State Park, Lake Claiborne State Park, the Bogue Chitto River, and the Amite River are all perfect options for a quick dip to cool you down on a hot summer day.

Are there any white sand beaches in Louisiana?

The only white sand, inland beach in Louisiana is North Beach, also located along the shores of the lake, right next door to the tourist bureau at 1205 N. Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, LA. Here is a Map of Lake Charles and nearby beaches.

Does Louisiana have blue water beaches?

Louisiana may not be known for its beaches, but it is a coastal state with several options that may surprise you. Come down to Cajun country and enjoy the white sands and clear blue waters that you probably didn’t know were there.

Are there alligators in Louisiana beaches?

Although alligators can be found in ponds, lakes, canals, rivers, swamps, and bayous in Louisiana, they are most common in our coastal marshes.

Are there crocodiles in South Padre Island?

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Alligators are not uncommon in the Rio Grande Valley, but according to a Naturalist Educator of the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, it is against the law to feed a wild alligator.

Are there saltwater crocs in Louisiana?

Crocodile: This is a completely different species, and one not found in Louisiana. The only place where both alligators and crocodiles can be found is Florida.

Which is better Gulf Shores or Destin?

Gulf Shores is very family oriented. Destin is a bit flashier, more upper class, a little more expensive, and as previously mentioned, more traffic and further from the river so clearer water often. Both have plenty of options for condos and houses right on the water.