What is line item dimension and high cardinality?

What is line item dimension and high cardinality?

It means that the dimension is to have a large number of instances (that is, a high cardinality). This information is used to carry out optimizations on a physical level in depending on the database platform. Different index types are used than is normally the case.

How many characteristics can be defined as line item dimension?

one characteristic
Line Item: This means the dimension contains precisely one characteristic.

What are the three predefined dimensions in SAP BW?

SAP BW InfoCubes have three SAP predefined dimensions. They are P (Data Package Dimension), T (Time Dimension), and U (Unit Dimension).

What is high cardinality in SAP?

The High Cardinality property allows you to create more than two thousand million characteristic attributes for a characteristic. As a characteristic with high cardinality has a number of restrictions, you should only set this property if you really expect a larger number of characteristic attributes.

What is cardinality in SAP BW?

Cardinality is a property of a join that describes how many rows in one table match rows in another table. and it’s expressed as the minimum and maximum number of rows in a column at one end of a join that have matching rows in the column at the other end of the join.

What is a dimension in SAP BW?

A dimension is a broad grouping of data about a major aspect of a business, such as products, dates, or markets. In SAP BW, measure dimensions are called key figures. …

What are the 16 dimensions?

A 16-Dimensional Space is a space in which each point requires a sexdecuplet of numbers to describe its position. This makes it a hyperrealm. A verse with sixteen dimensions is called a hexadecealmverse.

What is cardinality in Hana?

SAP HANA features like Calculation Views and CDS allow to specify the cardinality for joins to improve the performance of the execution. The cardinality specifies the number of rows which are matching another table if these tables are joined.

What is transitive attribute in SAP BW?

A transitive attribute is a navigational attribute of a navigational attribute. These attributes are not usually visible in the query. The transitive attributes could not be provisioned easily in classic BW and led to duplication of data at the master data level. In the above example, Country is a Transitive Attribute.

What is cardinality in Webdynpro ABAP?

CARDINALITY tells the min. and max. numbers of elements a node may contain.

What is Infoobject in SAP BW?

Use. Business evaluation objects are known in BW as InfoObjects. They are divided into characteristics, key figures, units, time characteristics and technical characteristics. InfoObjects are the smallest information units in BW. They structure the information needed to create InfoProviders.