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What does the term spall mean?

What does the term spall mean?

: to break up or reduce by or as if by chipping with a hammer. intransitive verb. 1 : to break off chips, scales, or slabs : exfoliate. 2 : to undergo spallation. Other Words from spall Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About spall.

What is a rock spall?

Rock Spalls are pieces of rock (usually graded/processed into sizes between 5 and 30cm), primarily used for filling Gabion baskets, bank stabilisation, land reclamation and landscaping. The term “spall” refers to a rock that has been broken through a mechanical process into a moderately large size.

What is spalling in geography?

Spalling is a common mechanism of rock weathering, and occurs at the surface of a rock when there are large shear stresses under the surface. This form of mechanical weathering can be caused by freezing and thawing, unloading, thermal expansion and contraction, or salt deposition.

What does anti spall mean?

When a bullet hits a hard surface such as steel, the (relatively soft) bullet will fragment and send bullet fragments off in different directions. Armour plates and shielding is even covered in an “anti-spall” coating, designed to protect wearers from the fragments after a bullet has impacted against body armour.

What is spalling in construction?

Spalling is the flaking or peeling away of small particles of cement paste from the near-surface portion of the finished slab. Finished concrete is often porous and can absorb rain water. Spalling occurs on exterior slabs when water that is trapped in the concrete goes through multiple freezes and thaws.

What is spall protection?

Spall liners are made from rubberized aramid, high-performance polyethylene or fiberglass. The spall liner is mounted on the inside of the vehicle. It is designed to stop projectiles and small fragments and to reduce the damage inside the vehicle if hit by an overmatched threat.

What is bullet spall?

Spall is defined as “Flakes of a material that are broken off a larger solid body”. For this article I will use the term “Spall” to describe the fragmentation of the bullet when it strikes a ballistic plate thus causing the projectile to break into smaller parts.

What is spall repair?

Spalling or spalding concrete refers to concrete that has become pitted, flaked, or broken up. The signs of spalling include a rough and flaky surface and breaking of some concrete chunks. This could be repaired by removing the damaged section so that it can be filled with cement.

What is spall coating made of?

What is Spall and how is it defined?

Spall is defined as rupture within a body due to stress states in excess of the tensile strength of the material. The first is a horizon condition which establishes a domain of communication, consistent with the time to failure, within which spall must be independent of the surrounding environment.

What is spalling in Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical spalling. Mechanical spalling occurs at high stress contact points, for example, in a ball bearing. Spalling occurs in preference to brinelling where the maximal shear stress occurs not at the surface, but just below, shearing the spall off.

What is the difference between Spall and fragment?

spall – a fragment broken off from the edge or face of stone or ore and having at least one thin edge; “a truck bearing a mound of blue spalls”. spawl. fragment – a piece broken off or cut off of something else; “a fragment of rock”.

What is Spall and how dangerous is it?

The resulting spall is dangerous to crew and equipment, and may result in a partial or complete disablement of a vehicle and/or its crew. Many AFVs are equipped with spall liners inside their armor for protection.