How old do you have to be to go on the Orient Express?

How old do you have to be to go on the Orient Express?

What is the Venice Simplon Orient Express fare policy for children? 2 yrs old and younger – free; 3 to 12 yrs old – 20% discount. Age at date of travel.

Can a 13 year old read Murder on the Orient Express?

Very good movie, though, with impressive camera angles, and a not so cliche ending. 9-10+ for violence, kidnapping, and very VERY mild language.

Are there private bathrooms on the Orient Express?

A private en-suite bathroom includes shower, washbasin and toilet as well as bespoke amenities and complimentary designer bathrobes. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express cabin service is complemented by free-flowing champagne whilst in your suite.

Do you sleep on the Orient Express?

Grand Suites… If you want the authentic 1920s/30s experience, stick with the normal unadulterated LX sleeper compartments – although of course there would be no bars car or piano on the real Orient Express either, just sleeping-cars and a restaurant car! Check prices for the grand suites online at

Can you get married on the Orient Express?

You can’t get married on any of the Orient Express trains in England. Our strict laws say no to that. A wedding licence can’t be granted to moving vehicles, even ones with swish carpets and nice crystal. You can have blessings anywhere you like and you can have your wedding reception on a train.

Is murder on Orient Express for kids?

Murder on the Orient Express is the latest movie based on the original Agatha Christie novel. Unlike the 1974 movie of this name, which was rated PG, this new version is rated M. Because of its violence, and scary scenes and themes, it isn’t recommended for children under 13.

Can a 12 year old read and then there were none?

I would say that it is suitable for most middle schoolers and up, depending on the maturity level of the kid. It didn’t scare me. The violence is almost not present, *SPOILER* the only time you as the reader are present in the story while it happens is when one character shoots another out of self preservation.

Is there a dress code on the Orient Express?

You can never be overdressed on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train. For dinner, we ask that men wear a suit and tie and women dress in smart attire, but many guests like to don black tie or evening dress for the occasion. During the day the dress code is smart-casual.

How much should you tip on the Orient Express?

Any gratuities you wish to give are entirely at your discretion. Suggested amount: 10-$15 per person, per day.

Does Murder on the Orient Express have nudity?

Sex & Nudity (3) A man is with a prostitute; no sex or nudity shown, but lightly suggestive conversation heard. There’s frequent flirting scenarios throughout the first half of the movie.