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How do I delete a quick filter in Jira?

How do I delete a quick filter in Jira?

Click the Delete button at the right of the Quick Filter. Hover over the vertical ‘grid’ icon, then drag and drop the Quick Filter up or down to its new position.

How do I change the filter query in Jira?

Editing a board’s filter

  1. Go to the desired board, then click Board > Configure.
  2. In the General tab: To change the filter’s JQL query, click Edit Filter Query. For more details, see the Jira documentation on JQL. To change the filter’s name, description, or shares, click Edit Filter Shares.

How do I manage filters in Jira?

Configuring filters in Jira. To access your filters, navigate to Issues > Manage Filters. From there, you can edit your filter’s details as well as work on filters that other users have shared with you. Users can also Manage Viewers and Editors and Manage Subscriptions for their filters.

How do I edit query in Jira dashboard?

You can edit the details for your dashboard, and restrict or share with other users according to the permissions that are set.

  1. Choose the Jira icon ( or ) > Dashboards.
  2. Choose your dashboard in the sidebar and click more (•••) > Edit and share.
  3. Edit the settings and click Save.

How do I change the filter in Jira Kanban board?

Choosing a different filter for your board

  1. Select Projects and select the relevant project.
  2. Select more ( ) in the top right corner > Board settings.
  3. Halfway down the page, hover over the name of the filter displayed in the Saved Filter field > a pencil icon will appear.
  4. Choose a different filter for your board.

How do I add an assignee filter in Jira?

You can go to Board-> Configure->Quick filters to add. For ex: JOE in the “Name” field and “assignee = joe” in the “JQL” field. The Assignee dropdown is a very useful feature for Daily meeting.

What is quick filter?

Quick Filter enables you to reduce the number of data items displayed on dashboard grids without needing to understand the multi-dimensional aspect of the model. Quick Filter is available from the Quick Access toolbar, or from the context menu on rows and columns on dashboard grids.

How do I add a filter in Jira?

Creating Filters in Jira In order to create a filter, go to Issues > Search for Issues to define your search. Make sure to execute it to confirm that the syntax is correct. Finally, click Save as and choose a name for your new filter. That’s all there is to it!

How do I add filters to Jira dashboard?

Click “Add Gadget” while on the dashboard, click “Load all gadgets” if you see the “More gadgets available” info box, click “Add gadget” for “Filter Results”, and then choose your filter and customize. Thank you both!