What kind of hull does a Jon boat have?

What kind of hull does a Jon boat have?

A jon boat (or johnboat) is a flat-bottomed boat constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, wood, or polyethelene with one, two, or three seats, usually bench type.

Is a Jon boat a planing hull?

Planing a Jon boat It is said that a flat-bottomed hull, while planing, is more fuel efficient than V shaped or displacement type hulls travelling at the same speed. The planing speed for Jon boats varies from boat to boat according to several factors such as: The the size of the boat.

What is a modified V hull Jon boat?

A modified V hull Jon boat has a slightly different hull design from a standard flat bottom Jon boat. A modified V hull Jon boat has a pointed bow to allow it to cut through waves and it is slightly curved underneath at the bow area to give the boat the ability to move through chop without taking on water.

Are jon boats motorized?

Typically made of aluminum and powered by a small outboard motor, jon boats are lightweight and rugged, and can be found in service around the world for fishing and hunting, search-and-rescue, and as workboats.

Is Jon boat flat bottom?

Jon boats have a flat or nearly flat bottom. They have squared-off bows rather than coming to a point at the front. Most jon boats are made of aluminum, though there are also a handful of fiberglass and roto-molded polyethylene models on the market.

What is the difference between a Jon boat and a flat bottom boat?

The most important structural difference between a bass boat and a jon boat is the shape of the hull. The flat bottom hull design means a Jon boat offers a very stable and smooth ride, even at high speeds, on calm water. The flat-bottomed hull of a Job boat means it can access extremely shallow waters.

Can you put an outboard motor on a jon boat?

If you really want a bargain, consider repowering a used jon boat with a new Mercury outboard motor. These boats rarely wear out, and a new FourStroke Mercury motor from 2.5hp to 40hp will deliver easy starting, great economy and clean, quiet operation, season after season.