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Is Simon Carter a luxury brand?

Is Simon Carter a luxury brand?

Simon Carter’s complete range comprises classic suits, jackets, shirts, blazers and accessories, including cufflinks, bracelets, shoes and watches. The collection is priced between ₹3,000 and ₹14,000. “Simon Carter is a step into luxury,” Carter said.

Where is Simon Carter?

Simon Carter Ltd. Is a British fashion design company specialising in men’s accessories and menswear, founded in London in 1985 by its eponymous director.

Are Simon Carter shoes good?

Simon Carter footwear is easily recognised by its exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality.

How many Simon Carter stores are there in India?

The eponymous brand currently has five standalone stores in the country, the first of which launched in Mumbai in Phoenix Market City. Three more Indian stores will be opened between March and May this year with franchise partner Aditya Birla. They will be based in malls in Jodhpur, Chennai and Kolkata.

Is selected an Indian brand?

3. Is selected an Indian brand? Born in Denmark, SELECTED is an international brand for men, providing modern consumers a unique offering of style and craftsmanship at an attractive price point.

Who is Astrid Andersen?

Astrid Andersen is Danish born fashion designer and trained at the Royal College of Art in London. She launched the namesake label in 2010 and consults for labels such as Nike and Saga Furs, determined to fuse the world of luxury and sports.

Where is selected brand from?

What is BESTSELLER Indias mission?

BESTSELLER strives for a sustainable development in the fashion industry by developing suppliers in a more sustainable direction and inspiring customers to make more conscious choices by offering more sustainable products.

Is SELECTED an Indian brand?

Who owns SELECTED?

ABOUT BESTSELLER SELECTED FEMME/HOMME is part of Bestseller, a Danish family-owned clothing company founded in 1975. Today, Bestseller employs more than 41,000 people, who are designing, developing, selling, and marketing Bestseller’s brands.