Who is on the cover of the slits cut?

Who is on the cover of the slits cut?

The Slits were already a Palmolive short when they made the album “Cut”, which is why the still controversial cover features just three members of the band. Ari, Viv and Tessa.

Who produced the Slits Cut?

Dennis Bovell
Cut is the debut studio album by English punk band The Slits, released on 7 September 1979….Cut (The Slits album)

Label Island
Producer Dennis Bovell
The Slits chronology
Cut (1979) Bootleg Retrospective (1980)

Why are the slits called the slits?

The Slits were formed in 1976 when Palmolive—a Spanish native who got her nickname when Clash bassist Paul Simonon mangled the pronunciation of her first name, Paloma—approached Ari-Up at a Patti Smith concert in London and asked the 14-year-old, the daughter of a German newspaper heiress and concert promoter, to be …

When was the Slits?

The Slits’ sound and attitude became increasingly experimental and avant-garde during the early 1980s, when they formed an alliance with Bristol post-punk band the Pop Group, sharing drummer Bruce Smith and releasing a joint single, “In the Beginning There Was Rhythm/Where There’s a Will There’s a Way” (Y Records).

Why did Palmolive leave the slits?

She was unhappy due to tensions with the rest of the band over management and creative decisions. Disagreements built up and she was kicked out of the band just before they signed a contract with Island Records. She later claimed that the disagreements included posing nude on the cover of Cut.

When did Palmolive leave the slits?

The Slits released their debut album, ‘Cut’, produced by legendary reggae producer Dennis Bovell, on the 7th September 1979. By this point drummer Palmolive had left the band and had been replaced by Budgie, who later went on to join Siouxsie And The Banshees.

Where are the slits from?

London, United Kingdom
The Slits/Origin

What is cutting a song?

In African American music, and in deejaying and turntablism, a cut “overtly insists on the repetitive nature of the music, by abruptly skipping it back to another beginning which we have already heard.

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