Why did Steven Spielberg make 1941?

Why did Steven Spielberg make 1941?

Home media. After the success of his 1980 “Special Edition” of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Spielberg was given permission to create his own “extended cut” of 1941 to represent his original director’s cut.

When was the movie 1941 made?

December 14, 1979 (USA)
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What was the movie 1941 about?

After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, residents of California descend into a wild panic, afraid that they might be the next target. Among them are Wild Bill Kelso (John Belushi), a crazed National Guard pilot; Sgt. Frank Tree (Dan Aykroyd), a patriotic, straight-laced tank crew commander; Ward Douglas (Ned Beatty), a civilian willing to help with the American war effort at any cost; and Maj. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell (Robert Stack), who tries his hardest to maintain sanity amid the chaos.
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Where was the movie 1941 filmed?

It’s in Acton, north of Los Angeles. The rest is Los Angeles itself, mainly on studio sets. The film was a joint production from Universal and Columbia, with sets built at Warner Bros in Burbank and at MGM.

What were some of the major events of the war that occurred in 1941?

Events of 1941 Following the defeat of Mussolini’s armies in Greece and Tobruk, German forces arrived in North Africa in February, and invaded Greece and Yugoslavia in April. While the bombing of British and German cities continued, and the gas chambers at Auschwitz were put to use, Hitler invaded Russia .

Is 1941 a Christmas movie?

1941 is not just one of the best Christmas films, but one of the best comedies ever made.

What was happening in February 1941?

February 3, 1941 (Monday) Erwin Rommel became head of the German military unit soon to be known as the Afrika Korps. The refrigerated cargo liner Empire Citizen was torpedoed and sunk in the North Atlantic by the German submarine U-107. The People’s Commissariat for State Security was created in the Soviet Union.