What happened Sonja Henning?

What happened Sonja Henning?

Sonja Henie, blonde Norwegian figure skater who dominated the rink for a decade and then skated her way to a second fabulous career in films, died Sunday of leukemia. She was 57. Miss Henie, ill for the past nine months, died aboard an ambulance plane from Paris to her native Oslo, only minutes before landing.

Is Sonja Henie still living?

Deceased (1912–1969)
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How old is Sonja Henning?

57 years (1912–1969)
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Did Sonja Henie marry?

Sonja Henie with her art collection in Los Angeles, 1964. Her collection is now held by the Henie-Onstad Art Centre. Henie was married three times, to Dan Topping (1940–1946), Winthrop Gardiner Jr. (1949–1956), and the Norwegian shipping magnate and art patron Niels Onstad (1956–1969) (her death).

Did Sonja Henning have children?

Henie did not have any children and became an active collector with her new husband. Her wealth allowed her to maintain a home in Hollywood, a villa in Norway, and an apartment in Lausanne, Switzerland, and to invest in impressionist and expressionist paintings.

How much was Sonja Henie worth?

At her death, Henie’s estimated net worth was $47 million. Though Henie was the person who first popularized the sport in a major, commercial manner, she never has been totally embraced here.

Did Hanyu land the quadruple axel?

Hanyu said that even though he did not succeed in landing a quad axel he put forth his most complete effort ever and added, “I feel I put all of my pride into this Olympics.”

Who was the best figure skater ever?

Yuzuru Hanyu
Note: In the case of personal best lists, only one score is listed for any one skater, i.e. their personal best. The absolute best lists may include more than one score for the same skater….Best total scores.

Rank 1
Name Yuzuru Hanyu
Nation Japan
Score 330.43
Event 2015–16 Grand Prix Final