How do you use brandy old fashioned SoulBoxer?

How do you use brandy old fashioned SoulBoxer?

It really does taste like a drink from a good supper club but so much easy to make. Just pour over ice and enjoy.

Where is SoulBoxer sold?

Breakthru Beverage and Southern Wine & Spirits bring SoulBoxer Cocktail Co. products to the best liquor stores, corner bars, and restaurants in the Midwest.

Do you add soda to SoulBoxer?

SoulBoxer is made solely from natural ingredients – California brandy, Door County cherries, real oranges, Angostura bitters and cane sugar. It can be served straight-up over ice or mixed with seltzer or soda to make it sour or sweet depending on the drinker’s taste.

Where is SoulBoxer made?

Where is SoulBoxer made? Neu: It’s made at Midwest Custom Bottling in Pewaukee. There we are able to do 2,500 cases a day.

How many carbs are in a brandy old fashioned?

Nutrition Facts 264 calories; carbohydrates 32g; insoluble fiber 1g; sugars 31g; vitamin a 41.2RE; vitamin a 1797.8IU; vitamin c 5.3mg; folate 20.2mcg; sodium 39mg; potassium 36mg; calcium 101mg.

What do you mix with soul boxer?

We believe in crafting and bottling bartender-quality cocktails you can pour and enjoy literally anywhere, such as: the Brandy Old Fashioned, the Bourbon Old Fashioned, and the Manhattan. Bitters, pure cane sugar, cherries, orange peel, and brandy.

What state drinks the most old fashioned?

Korbel stopped brandy production for a few decades after Prohibition, but that component of the Old Fashioned stuck in locals’ minds. Today, Wisconsin consumes 50% of the brandy that Korbel produces, making state residents the top consumers of brandy in the U.S. Adding fruits to an Old Fashioned remains popular, too.

What US state drinks the most brandy?

Depending on who you’re asking, Wisconsin consumes either the most brandy in the nation, more brandy than all other 49 states combined, or 90 percent of brandy distilled worldwide.

What does brandy mix well with?

Some good mixers for brandy include the following:

  • Heavy cream, milk, or other dairy.
  • Coffee.
  • Coffee-flavored liqueur such as Kahlúa.
  • Ginger ale or ginger beer.
  • Tea.
  • Lemonade.
  • Orange juice.
  • Sweet and sour mix.