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Is there parking at Farnham Castle?

Is there parking at Farnham Castle?

Parking: There is parking for blue badge holders at the castle, subject to availability. Other visitors are welcome to park at neighbouring Farnham Park. There are also some car parks in Farnham town centre within half a mile. Facilities: There are toilets at the castle, including some with wheelchair access.

Can you walk around Farnham Castle?

Visit the ruins of the 12th century Farnham Castle and enjoy a stroll through the adjacent medieval deer park on this easy walk in Farnham, Surrey. The St Swithun’s Way long distance trail runs past the park so you could pick this up to explore the countryside around Farnham.

Is Farnham Castle free?

The keep is managed by Farnham Castle in partnership with English Heritage and is free of charge to visit. The Keep is open most weekdays (except over Christmas and New Year) from 9am to 5pm (or dusk, if earlier). The Keep is also open 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Who lived in Farnham Castle?

Built in 1138 by Henri de Blois, Bishop of Winchester, grandson of William the Conqueror, Farnham castle became the home of the Bishops of Winchester for over 800 years.

How has Farnham Castle changed over time?

Elizabeth I visited Farnham Castle at least six times; the last time was in 1602, eighteen months before her death. With the move into Tudor times, Bishop Fox makes major alterations to the Castle, including extensive modifications to the tower and south side of the buildings. He also builds steps up from the town.

Are there toilets at Farnham Park?

A 130 hectare medieval deer park, with its impressive one kilometre tree lined Kings Avenue offers tranquility, walking paths, two excellent playgrounds, football pitches to hire, a golf course, a cricket pitch and a café and toilets.

Does Farnham Castle have a Bailey?

Attached to the motte is a triangular inner bailey, with a fine range of domestic buildings and a fifteenth-century brick entrance tower. The formidable outer bailey curtain wall has square flanking towers, a 13th-century gatehouse and a large ditch.

Why was Farnham Castle important?

The powerful and wealthy Bishops of Winchester built Farnham Castle. For hundreds of years, it served as an administrative centre, fortress and accommodation, providing a convenient stopping place between London and Winchester. After 1660, the Palace became the Bishop’s principal residence.

How old is Farnham Park?

Farnham Park is a remarkable survival of a medieval deer park with a landscape of rolling grassland and veteran trees and a boundary that has remained unchanged for over 600 years.

What type of castle is Farnham Castle?

Farnham Castle was originally a motte-and-bailey fortification built by Henry de Blois, Bishop of Winchester and was later substantially upgraded when a shell keep was constructed around the motte. It was captured by Prince Louis during the First Barons War and was a Parliamentary outpost during the English Civil War.