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How many playable races are there in D&D 5e?

How many playable races are there in D&D 5e?

In the PHB (Player’s Handbook) there are nine races to choose from. Each race comes with its own racial traits and abilities as well as a few subraces which offer even more variety.

What races can you play in Dungeons & Dragons?

These are the D&D races:

  • Dwarf.
  • Elf.
  • Halfling.
  • Human.
  • Dragonborn.
  • Gnome.
  • Half-elf.
  • Half-orc.

What is the most powerful playable race in DND?

Yuan-ti. Yuan-ti are often considered one of the most powerful races in 5e, starting the game off with a host of great abilities. They get Abyssal and Draconic as their additional languages as well as natural darkvision, all of which can provide plenty of utility during exploration or role-playing.

What are the best 5e races?

Dungeons & Dragons: 11 Best Playable Races From 5e Expansions

  1. 1 Gith: Fighting Mind Flayers & Riding Dragons.
  2. 2 Aasimar: The Most Beautiful Monster of All.
  3. 3 Vedalken: Precise, Dispassionate, & Amphibious.
  4. 4 Warforged: The Iron Man Steampunk Race.
  5. 5 Kenku: A Role-Playing Challenge.
  6. 6 Tabaxi: The Traveling Storyteller.

What is noncore D&D content?

“Noncore D&D” is a category WOTC ask DDB to add. It mostly contains things that were created by WOTC for Extra Life fundraisers and have not been printed in physical books. It includes things like the Lost Laboratory of Kwalish, One Grung Above, and the Tortle Package.

Can you play as a Kenku?

It’s what draws a lot of players to the race in the first place. Not many other player races have so much meat for roleplaying and choosing motives baked right into the mechanics of the race. You could be playing a Kenku who’s trying to find their creator and earn their voice back.

What is the best race to be in Dungeons and Dragons?

So Elves are the best race. They just are, we can’t fight it. They live forever, they can be as badass as Drizzt, noble as Elrond or spectacular as Legolas. And those characters represent their sub-races pretty well: Drow Elf, High Elf and Wood Elf.

Can a Kenku fly?

Kenku are commonly depicted in Dungeons & Dragons lore as short, dextrous hawk-, raven- or crow-like humanoids. In earlier editions, they possessed wings capable of flight, which were described as folding against their backs and “[could] be mistaken at a distance for a large backpack”.

What is homebrew content?

Here’s the short definition of homebrew as it relates to Dungeons and Dragons (also known as D&D): “Any content within a Dungeons and Dragons game that cannot be found in an official rulebook.”

Is critical role content official?

Thanks! Originally, all the Critical Role content was unofficial and free. Then WOTC published the Wildemount book. Anything in Wildemount is official but must be purchased.