How do I record shows on RCN?

How do I record shows on RCN?

From the TiVo Central screen, select Find TV, movies & videos, then select WishList saved searches. Season Pass® recordings: Record every episode of a show. Set up a SeasonPass® recording and your TiVo box will record your shows whenever they air, even when they change time slots.

How do I delete a recording on RCN?

Additional option for 4 Tuners, 2 Tuners, Single Tuners, and Minis on TiVo Experience 3: Removing all Suggestions at Once

  1. Go to TiVo Central | My Shows | select Recordings.
  2. Scroll down to Suggestions Recorded for Me.
  3. Press Clear.
  4. Select Delete Everything in this Group.
  5. All suggestions will be erased. (see steps)

Can I watch RCN cable on my computer?

RCN2Go presents a unique opportunity to watch hundreds of shows anywhere you have internet access on your laptop/PC, iOS/Apple and Android devices. RCN2GO will provide access to a catalog of programs made available to RCN from cable and broadcast networks.

What channel is Netflix on RCN?

channel 450
o You can tune directly to channel 450 (750 in Lehigh Valley or Philadelphia) and you will automatically be taken to the Netflix home screen. Signing in is simple. Make sure you have your Netflix account information handy. ✓ If you are a Netflix member, select Sign In.

How do you record future shows on TiVo?

Here’s how:

  1. While you’re watching live TV, just press the RECORD button on your TiVo remote.
  2. On the screen that appears, you can choose to record the episode, set up a OnePass, or view other options.

How do I get rid of TiVo suggestions?

If you’d prefer not to record TiVo Suggestions automatically, you can turn them off.

  1. Press the TiVo button and select menu.
  2. Choose settings then user preferences.
  3. Select TiVo suggestions and change to off.

How do you delete bookmarks on TiVo?

When watching the program, press MENU and scroll to bookmarks. Highlight you one you want to delete and press DASH twice.

Does RCN have a streaming app?

The Stream TV app is available to customers with RCN TV service. Features and availability may vary depending on your TV service subscription and equipment (Android set-top box required). Subscription to Internet service, plus compatible Android set-top box, is required to access the Stream TV app, powered by RCN.

Does RCN have a Roku app?

Developer’s Channel Description: RCN en Roku is an unofficial video player for the RCN streaming channel. Watch your favorite Colombian shows.

What is RCN streaming TV?

With Stream TV, powered by RCN, customers can download the Stream TV app* to a supported device and watch anywhere on your home network, instantly. Choose from thousands of shows and movies available – live TV, streaming, cloud DVR recordings* or On Demand – all together in one place.

Is RCN On Demand Free?

How much does RCN ON DEMAND Cost? There is no additional cost to access the service when you rent RCN’s digital converter box. You pay only when you select a movie to watch. Most movies cost the same as if you rented them from a video store, usually between $4.99 and $6.99 per rental period.