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How do you reset a mouthguard?

How do you reset a mouthguard?

Heat the mouthguard in boiling water Start a small pot of boiling water on the stove. You can alternatively boil some water in the hot water jug or use a microwave. Place the mouthguard carefully and submerge it in the hot water and let it soften for 20 seconds.

Can you cut a Shock Doctor mouthguard?

If the mouthguard is too long, some soft mouthguards can be cut with a pair of scissors or a very sharp knife and then remolded in hot water to smooth over any rough edges. Sometimes the mouthpiece can be softened in hot water to make the cutting easier.

How do you clean a Shock Doctor mouth guard?

Your Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguard can absorb stains, odors and bacteria if it is not cared for properly. Periodically brush it with a toothbrush and warm water (no toothpaste). Do not use alcohol-based products for soaking or cleaning. Never boil it or it will use its shape.

Can you redo a mouthguard?

Take the mouthguard out of your mouth and place it into a bowl of cold water. Leave it to sit for around 30 seconds in the cold water to make sure it sets fully. If the mouthguard isn’t quite right, you can repeat the process of boiling and molding it to reshape your mouthguard again.

Why does my mouthguard keep falling out?

The most common reason for your night guard falling out is an improper fit. When you buy a one-size-fits-all over-the-counter mouthguard from a drug store, the oral appliance is not designed specifically for your mouth. As a result, it may slide out of place or completely fall out.

What is the white stuff on my mouth guard?

Calcium deposits appear as crusty, hard white spots on the interior surface of a night guard, and can be alarming if you’ve never encountered them before. These bacteria then combine with your saliva, plaque, and tartar, and begin to form these hard, calcified spots on the surface of the night guard.

How do you remould a mouthguard?