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How much does a PTI in the RAF earn?

How much does a PTI in the RAF earn?

The average salary for a PTI is £31,595 per year in United Kingdom, which is 12% lower than the average Royal Air Force salary of £36,286 per year for this job.

What is a force development instructor RAF?

The Physical Training Instructor delivers physical education to the RAF population and delivers military effect through employment as a Parachute Jump Instructor, Force Development Instructor or an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor.

What is a PTI military?

Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) play an integral role in developing the strength and fitness of Air Force personnel through the design, delivery and coaching of high performance physical strength and conditioning programs.

How much do RAF engineers get paid?

Average Royal Air Force Aeronautical Engineer yearly pay in the United Kingdom is approximately £33,039, which is 9% below the national average.

How long is RAF PTI training?

The specialist training course of 28 weeks is held at the School of Physical Training, RAF Cosford near Wolverhampton.

What are the RAF core values?

Our Core Values are: R – Respect I – Integrity S – Service E – Excellence. These values help to unify the Royal Air Force and are the bedrock of our Ethos as a warfighting Service.

Is there money in personal training UK?

Personal trainers are typically paid by the hour for each session with a client, in the UK earnings range from between £25-£50 per hour (top trainers can earn up to £100 per hour!) and this will be dependant on a number of factors that we identify below. The wages can vary depending on the services you offer.

Are there still junior technicians in the RAF?

Junior technician (Jnr Tech or formerly J/T) is a junior non-commissioned rank in the Royal Air Force, the Pakistan Air Force and the Royal Danish Air Force. Since 2005, the RAF has ceased promoting to and therefore phasing out of this rank, to be replaced by SAC(T).