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Is Carbopol soluble in water?

Is Carbopol soluble in water?

Carbopol® polymers are highly water and polar solvent soluble polymers which function as efficient thickeners and stabilizers for suspensions or emulsions. Much of the exceptional utility of the Carbopol® polymers results from the hydrophilic nature of the polymer.

What is Carbopol ultrez?

Carbopol® Ultrez 20 polymer is a white powder, hydrophobically-modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer. This polymer offers many substantial benefits for formulators and marketers of personal care products. Carbopol Ultrez 20 polymer is exceptionally easy to use as it self-wets and disperses within minutes.

How do you mix water with Carbopol?

Using moderate to vigorous agitation (800-1200 rpm), add the oil phase containing Carbopol® polymer to the water phase. The water phase should contain an appropriate neutralizing base. Continue to mix for 15-20 minutes until the Carbopol® polymer has swelled to produce a smooth emulsion.

What is difference between Carbomer and Carbopol?

Carbopol® polymer is a product brand name of The Lubrizol Corporation. In contrast, “Carbomer” is one of the generic names that can be used to describe Carbopol® polymers. Carbomer can be defined as a high molecular weight polymer of acrylic acid crosslinked with allyl ethers of polyalcohols.

Is Carbopol soluble in alcohol?

Carbomers are soluble in water; after neutralization, they are soluble in 95% ethanol and glycerin.

How do you dilute Carbopol?

YOU just add the carbomer 940 or carbomer 980 to water. Then let it completely dissolve. It needs time.

What is ultrez?

Carbopol® Ultrez 30 polymer is a white powder, cross-linked homopolymer of polyacrylic acid that is polymerized in a toxicologically-preferred cosolvent system. It offers good electrolyte tolerance, high thickening performance in a broad pH range, and a rich, distinct sensory in challenging skin care formulations.

Is Carbopol soluble in ethanol?

What is ultrez 21 used for?

Carbopol® Ultrez 21 polymer It is an extremely efficient rheology modifier capable of providing high viscosity and forms sparkling clear gels or hydro-alcoholic gels and creams. Its short flow, non-drip properties are ideal for applications such as clear gels, hydroalcholic gels, creams, and lotions.