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How big of a bar can you put on a ECHO CS-310?

How big of a bar can you put on a ECHO CS-310?

CS-310 Specifications

Engine Displacement (cc) 30.5 8.8
Oiling System Automatic (Clutch-Driven) Plastic
Vibration Reduction System Standard 8.5
Available Bar Lengths (in) 14, 16 1 yr commercial / 5 yr consumer
1 Without bar and chain

What size chain do I need for an ECHO CS-310 chainsaw?

14-inch Replacement Chain for ECHO CS310 Chainsaw is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 173.

Can you put a 16 bar on Echo CS310?

16″ Echo Bar Fits Echo Cs-310, 330T, 352, 370, 400, 3510 16A0Cd3757C.

Will a Oregon bar fit a Echo chainsaw?

ECHO chain saws ship standard with Oregon bar and chains. It is very important to only use chains recommended for your model. The chain must have the proper gauge, pitch and drive link count in order to be used on the equipment.

Who made Echo chainsaw?

The Yamabiko Corporation
The Yamabiko Corporation (株式会社やまびこ, Kabushiki-gaisha Yamabiko) is a Japanese manufacturer of power tools formed with the September 2008 merger of the Kioritz and Shindaiwa corporations. The brands owned and distributed by Yamabiko are Kioritz, Shindaiwa and Echo.

How many cc is a CS-310?


Engine Displacement (cc) 30.5 8.8 / –
Carburetor Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm Spur
Oiling System Automatic (Clutch-Driven) Plastic
Vibration Reduction System Standard 5 years
Available Bar Lengths (in / cm) 14, 16 / 35.56, 40.64 1 years

Are Echo chainsaws very good?

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ECHO CHAINSAWS ! I have had many years experience with many different brands of chain saws. I recently bought an Echo CS-310, great little chainsaw. it’s super light and starts very easily, powers through hardwoods easily.

Where is the ECHO 310 chainsaw made?

ECHO chainsaws are manufactured and assembled in Japan, China, and the US.

What size chain goes on a echo?

ECHO Chainsaw Bar & Chain Quick Guide

Chainsaw Models Length in. (cm) CHAIN Pitch (in.)
CS-303T/310/352 12″ (30 cm) 3/8″ lp
14″ (35 cm) 3/8″ lp
16″ (40 cm) 3/8″ lp
CS-355T CS-355T/361P

Will an Oregon bar fit a Stihl?

The Oregon 3/8LP bars fit most entry level gas-powered Stihls from1. 5 to 2.8hp or 25… 45cc (MS 170, 171, 180, 181, 211), compact Farm & Ranch models (MS 193, 194, 201), most electric models (MSE 141… 210) and the largest battery Stihl (MSA 220).

What size bars for Echo CS 310 chainsaw?

Echo CS 310 allows installing different size bars. According to the job nature, the users can install 14 and 16 inches bars to the chainsaw. The powerful Echo CS 310 chainsaw ensures its user more safety with many of its built-in safety features.

Does echo CS 310 have an air pre-cleaner?

Not only in Echo CS 310 but also all Echo gas chainsaws use the G-Force air pre-cleaner system. The system keeps all the dust and debris away to reach them into the air filter. This way, the air filter remains working for a long time without cleaning.

Does echo CS 310 have a vibration reduction system?

Vibration-reduction system Echo CS 310 chainsaw has a built-in special spring vibration reduction system. The system consumes the vibration of the engine and reduces up to 70%. The reduced vibration in the handles allows the users to perform the operation with more comfort for a long time.

What kind of engine does an electric echo CS 310 have?

Echo CS 310 is driven by a 30.5CC gasoline engine. The chainsaw uses a professional-grade engine. The 2-srtoke engine is an outstanding performer. The air cooled engine has a reduced emission level that emits 20% less hydrocarbon than other 2-strike engines in the market.