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What is RI for SCDF?

What is RI for SCDF?

Who is a Registered Inspector (RI)? A RI is a person who is registered under the Fire Safety Act to be qualified and competent to inspect fire safety works in buildings to ascertain the degree of compliance of fire safety requirements.

How can I get fire safety certificate in Singapore?

You need to submit the following documents:

  1. TFP/FSC application form (FSSD-0-CSCDFSC01)
  2. CFSW (Certification for Fire Safety Works) form (FSSD-0-CFSW)
  3. RI Inspection Certificates (Form 1 and 2)
  4. RI Inspection Report.
  5. Letter of Appointment for RI.

Who needs a fire safety certificate?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement. If you are responsible for a building, for example a employer, owner or occupier of premises that aren’t a ‘single private dwelling’ (a private home), you need to make sure a suitably competent person completes a Fire Risk Assessment.

What is fire certificate in Singapore?

Under the Fire Safety Act, premises must have a valid fire certificate before they can be occupied. The certificate shows that the fire safety measures installed within the premises have been checked to be in working condition and that the building is safe to be occupied.

What do they check for car inspection in RI?

Inspectors are to take five pictures of the vehicle that’s been inspected:

  • A front view of the vehicle with the license plate properly displayed.
  • A driver’s side view of the vehicle with the driver’s side window down.
  • A rear view of the vehicle with the license plate properly displayed.
  • The vehicle’s VIN tag.

What is fire certificate?

A Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) shows that adequate escape facilities are present in a building. It indicates that the building is designed in a way that prevents and limits the spread of a fire.

How do I get a fire safety inspection certificate?


  1. Filled out Application Form.
  2. Endorsement from BPLO.
  3. Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance/ Checklist.
  4. Certificate of Completion (Original Copy)
  5. Approved Plan.
  6. Building Permit.
  7. Certificate of Electrical Inspection.
  8. Other pertinent documents as deemed necessary.

How long does a fire safety certificate last?

As a rule of thumb, we say every 1 – 2 years depending on your environment and local circumstances. For some industries such as education and schools there could well be other factors such as inspecting bodies to consider.

Is a fire certificate a legal requirement?

The Fire Precautions Act required the Fire Brigade or Local Authority to issue a Fire Certificate for certain classes of premises. The authorities no longer issue Fire Certificates and those previously in force will have no legal status but don’t throw them away.

How long does it take to get a fire safety certificate?

You should allow at least three weeks and upwards, depending on where the application is being made.

Is a fire certificate required?

The short answer is probably not… but only because fire safety certificates are no longer issued for most businesses. The principles behind the certificate, however, are still very much in force and if you don’t comply, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a hefty fine.

How can I print my fire certificate online?

By typing “ncr.bfp.gov.ph” in the browser and making a few taps on the computer, business owners or their representatives can already download their FSICs and print them in the comfort of their homes or workplaces.