Where can I change money in Bangkok?

Where can I change money in Bangkok?

5 Money Changers in Bangkok with Best Exchange Rates

  • Super Rich Thailand. Image credit: Super Rich Thailand.
  • Super Rich 1965. Image credit: Super Rich 1965.
  • Vasu Exchange. Image credit: Vasu Exchange.
  • SIA Money Exchange. Image credit: SIA Money Exchange.
  • X-One Currency Exchange Center.

Where can I change money in Thailand?

【 Travel 】Where to Exchange Currency in Thailand

  • Exchange Offices / Booths. Super Rich Thailand.
  • Banks. You may also change currency at local banks .
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport. Unless its for the conveniency , we don’t recommend people to exchange money here .
  • ATM Machines.
  • Hotels.

Which Thai bank has best exchange rate?

In general, exchanging money at Thai banks is a good option if you only need to exchange a small amount of money. You will pay the rates below if you exchange cash at one of the Thai bank branches located around Thailand: Kasikorn Bank – 0.97% exchange fee. Bangkok Bank – 0.87% exchange fee.

Is it cheaper to exchange money in Thailand?

Changing pounds or dollars in a currency exchange office on almost any street in Thailand gives you a better rate than most anywhere else. Airport rates are lower, don’t exchange all your cash at the airport. You will get a better exchange rate in Thailand than in your home country, almost without exception.

How much money can you exchange at airport?

There is no limit to the foreign currency that you can bring with you but the amounts exceeding US Dollar 5,000 (or equivalent) in cash or US Dollar 10,000 (or equivalent) in traveler’s cheques must be declared.

Is it better to exchange money in Thailand?

What is the best currency to use in Bangkok?

Thai baht
Thai baht is your best bet. Purchase when you arrive into Thailand for a better rate. The baht is the only currency you an use here.

What is the best time to exchange money?

When is the best time to change currency? Allow plenty of time to watch currency movements; start looking at least one month before your holiday and buy when the rate is climbing and the pound is strongest ie. when you get the most euros, dollars or other currency for your sterling.

How much is a baht worth in Thailand?

Convert Thai Baht to US Dollar

1 THB 0.0305686 USD
5 THB 0.152843 USD
10 THB 0.305686 USD
25 THB 0.764215 USD

Can I use USD in Thailand?

In Thailand, for the same margin, you can exchange USD for Thai Baht. You need to pay 1% conversion charges for that. At an airport, never indulge in changing the currency because they will end up robbing you. At an airport, changing currency will cost you a lot of money.