What can we do for World Sight Day?

What can we do for World Sight Day?

About World Sight Day

  • Raise public awareness of blindness and vision impairment as major international public health issues.
  • Influence Governments/Ministers of Health to participate in and designate funds for national blindness prevention. programmes.
  • Educate target audiences about blindness prevention.

What is the theme for World Sight Day 2021?

Love Your Eyes
World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October, to focus global attention on vision impairment, including blindness. This year, World Sight Day will take place on October 14, 2021 with the theme: Love Your Eyes.

When was World Sight Day created?

World Sight Day is observed annually on the second Thursday of October is a global event meant to draw attention on blindness and vision impairment. It was originally initiated by the Sight First Campaign of Lions Club International Foundation in 2000. This year, World Sight Day is observed on October 14.

How do you love your eyes?

10 Ways to Love Your Eyes

  1. Prevent Eye Disease with a Healthy Lifestyle.
  2. Protect Your Peepers.
  3. Take Care of Your Eye Make-Up Hygiene.
  4. Wear Sunglasses.
  5. Preserve Your Vision.
  6. Book an Eye Exam.
  7. Prioritize Your Eyes.

How can we take care of your eyes?

There are things you can do to help keep your eyes healthy and make sure you are seeing your best:

  1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Get regular exercise.
  4. Wear sunglasses.
  5. Wear protective eye wear.
  6. Avoid smoking.
  7. Know your family medical history.
  8. Know your other risk factors.

WHO created World Sight Day?

the Lions Club International Foundation
History. World Sight Day was initially created in 2000 as part of the SightFirst Campaign launched by the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF).

What do eyes say about love?

Intense eye contact, especially with a smile, may mean the person has a crush on you. Pupil size increases means the person likes what he/she sees. Glistening eyes can signify strong attraction and perhaps even love.