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Who plays the best Sibelius violin concerto?

Who plays the best Sibelius violin concerto?

stenka razin wrote: Heifetz/Hendl is probably the best Sibelius of all time, but, I have at least thirty other performances of this great concerto and many of those are contenders, too. Would love to hear about at least some of these contenders. No need to elaborate, just a list of soloists/conductors will do.

Is Sibelius violin concerto harder than Tchaikovsky?

The Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Brahms, and Beethoven concertos are all very difficult both musically and technically, especially of their long runtimes. Each concerto has its easy sections and difficult sections for different reasons so there is no “most difficult” concerto.

Why is Sibelius violin concerto so good?

The work is noted for its rhapsodic nature and technical challenges, all of which are dear to violinists. The style of themes is particularly idiomatic to the violin. In the first movement, the high, lyrical first theme contrasts with the brooding yet forceful second.

Is Sibelius violin concerto copyrighted?

47 (Sibelius, Jean) It is very unlikely that this work is public domain in the EU, or in any country where the copyright term is life-plus-70 years.

Who did Sibelius write his violin concerto for?

Burmester was so offended that he refused ever to play the concerto, and Sibelius re-dedicated it to the Hungarian “wunderkind” Ferenc von Vecsey, who was aged only 12 at the time.

Is the Sibelius violin concerto romantic?

47 of Jean Sibelius, originally composed in 1904 and revised in 1905, is the only concerto by Sibelius. It is symphonic in scope, with the solo violin and all sections of the orchestra being equal voices….Violin Concerto (Sibelius)

Violin Concerto
Catalogue Op. 47
Period Late Romantic/Early Modern
Genre Concerto
Composed 1904 (r. 1905)