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How do you calculate MTTR and MTBF?

How do you calculate MTTR and MTBF?

Keep in mind, MTTR assumes tasks are performed sequentially and by trained maintenance personnel.

  1. Total unplanned maintenance time / Total number of repairs = MTTR.
  2. MTBF = Total uptime / # of Breakdowns.
  3. Uptime = MTBF / (MTBF + MTTR)
  4. 34.4 / (34.4 + 5.6) = 0.86 (86%)

What is MTTR MTBF in maintenance?

MTBF measures the time between failures for devices that need to be repaired, MTTR is simply the time that it takes to repair those failed devices. In other words, MTBF measures the reliability of a device, whereas MTTR measures the efficiency of it’s repairs.

What is formula for calculating MTTR?

You can calculate MTTR by adding up the total time spent on repairs during any given period and then dividing that time by the number of repairs.

How do you calculate maintenance time?

The MTTR formula is calculated by dividing the total unplanned maintenance time spent on an asset by the total number of failures that asset experienced over a specific period. Mean time to repair is most commonly represented in hours. The MTTR calculation assumes that: Tasks are performed sequentially.

How is MTTR calculated with example?

MTTR = 44 hours ÷ 6 breakdowns MTTR = 44 ÷ 6 MTTR = 7.33 hours

  1. Notifying technicians.
  2. Diagnosing the issue.
  3. Fixing the issue.
  4. Allowing the equipment to cool down.
  5. Reassembling, aligning and calibrating the asset.
  6. Setting up, testing, and starting up the asset for production.

How do you calculate MTBF in Excel?

MTBF = ∑ (TOT) / F

  1. MTBF = 7 / 2.
  2. MTBF = 3.5 hours.

How do you calculate MTBF?

To calculate MTBF, divide the total number of operational hours in a period by the number of failures that occurred in that period. MTBF is usually measured in hours. For example, an asset may have been operational for 1,000 hours in a year.

What does MTBF mean for maintenance?

Mean Time Between Failure
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) measures the average time that equipment is operating between breakdowns or stoppages. Measured in hours, MTBF helps businesses understand the availability of their equipment (and if they have a problem with reliability).