Are Virbac CET chews safe?

Are Virbac CET chews safe?

1.0 out of 5 starsCaution! These chews are known to cause kidney problems in some dogs–including mine. My dog really like these chews, but after giving them to him for for about a week, I noticed that he was drinking an ungodly amount of water–as in, ALL.

Are CET Hextra chews digestible?

1) CET Chews/Enzadent chews– these are flat, digestible rawhide chews that are imbedded with an enzyme that helps reduce bacterial build up. Because they are flat they span several teeth and prevent that shearing force on one tooth.

What is the difference between the Hextra and the enzymatic?

The Hextra product has 10% Chlorhexidine that works as a antiseptic. The Enzymatic chew has an exclusive Dual-Enzyme System, they have a natural antiseptic plus an abrasive texture that works with the dog’s chewing action to loosen tartar and provide plaque control.

Is Virbac good for dogs?

My dogs love these and they are VOHC (veterinary oral health council) recommended! because they can fracture teeth, however, I recommend these to our clients with dogs that love to chew because these are rawhide looking, but very pliable and as the dogs chew them they are very soft.

What do vets recommend for dogs to chew?

Veterinary Oral Health Council approved dog treats and dog chew toys to help control plaque and tartar. Planet Dog rubber dog toys. GoughNuts chew toys. Kong® toys.

Where is Virbac CET made?

The VeggieDent Chews are made in Vietnam. C.E.T. is a well respected company and I thought they were made and distributed in the USA, so I was surprised when I received them and found that they are made elsewhere.

Are CET chews good for dogs?

A natural antiseptic plus an abrasive texture, together with chewing, fights plaque and tartar buildup. Dogs love the texture and taste, and you’ll love the dental benefits for your dog. NOTE: C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Chews with the added antiseptic power of Chlorhexidine are also available.