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What is a Perusall?

What is a Perusall?

Perusall is an e-reader platform that allows students and faculty to annotate the assigned readings and engage the reading material in a style akin to social media posting. Students can write full comments, “like” comments, use hashtags, link URLs to their comments and even use emoticons.

How do students use Perusall?

Students annotate readings and asynchronously respond to each other’s comments and questions in context. Perusall proactively engages students with automated personalized guidance, ensuring continual motivation. Large courses are automatically segmented into smaller groups to ensure productive discussion.

What is Perusall annotation?

Perusall includes an auto-scoring feature that grades student annotations with an algorithm. This can be a useful feature for providing a low-stakes grade around student engagement with the readings. Perusall grades can be accessed using the “Gradebook” link on the left sidebar.

How do I download Perusall?

Can I allow students to download the readings?

  1. Navigate to the Library panel on the course home page.
  2. Click to highlight a document, and then click the Edit button.
  3. Check the box to enable downloading of the file directly, then click Save.

What is Perusall blackboard?

Perusall is a powerful teaching tool developed at Harvard University that is integrated with Blackboard. Perusall allows students and their instructors to collaboratively annotate and discuss a variety of files types uploaded by the instructor.

Does Perusall cost money?

The Perusall platform is free for students, instructors, and educational institutions. Use Perusall with Open Educational Resources that you add from the web. Free. Use Perusall with books you adopt from our catalog of 400,000 titles from leading publishers.

What can Perusall see?

Student work in Perusall is graded automatically; to see the grades assigned, click the Gradebook option on the left navigation panel for your course. Perusall also provides you with an automatically-generated Confusion Report that summarizes general areas of questions/confusion.

What is Upvoting on Perusall?

Upvoting is how you tell your classmates that they posted a good question or comment. To upvote a question, click the question mark icon in the comment bubble. Upvoting tells the author of the question that you have the very same question that they do!

Does Perusall track reading?

Research shows that Perusall increases student reading preparation from an average of 20-30% to >90%.

Is there a Perusall app?

The Perusall app allows students to help each other learn by collectively annotating readings in threads, responding to each other’s comments, and interacting. Comments are automatically graded and can be passed back to Canvas assignments.

Can you copy and paste from Perusall?

Now, in the new Perusall course, navigate to the Library tab on the course home page and select Add > Material from another course to copy over your documents and assignments to the new course. All you’ll need to do now is to adjust the assignment due dates.