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How old is Monica Crowley?

How old is Monica Crowley?

53 years (September 19, 1968)Monica Crowley / Age
Monica Crowley (born September 19, 1968) was the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. She has been a political commentator and lobbyist. She was a Fox News contributor, where she worked (with a few breaks) from 1996 to 2017.

Is Monica Crowley related to Alan Colmes?

Personal life. Colmes was married to Dr. Jocelyn Elise Crowley, a professor of public policy at Rutgers University, whose sister is Monica Crowley, the conservative radio commentator, pundit and television personality.

How tall is Monica Crowley?

5′ 2″Monica Crowley / Height

Who is Alan Colmes married to?

Jocelyn Elise CrowleyAlan Colmes / Spouse (m. 2003–2017)

Who is Alan Colmes wife?

Jocelyn Elise CrowleyAlan Colmes / Wife (m. 2003–2017)

Who was Hannity’s partner?

Jill RhodesSean Hannity / Spouse (m. 1993–2019)
Family and lifestyle. Hannity met Jill Rhodes in 1991 when he worked at WVNN in Huntsville, Alabama and she was a political columnist for the Huntsville Times. The two married in 1993. In June 2020, the couple announced that they had divorced the previous year but had separated years prior.

Is Jocelyn Crowley married?

Alan ColmesJocelyn Elise Crowley / Spouse (m. 2003–2017)
Personal life. Crowley was married in 2003 to the late American radio and television host Alan Colmes. Her sister is American political commentator and former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs Monica Crowley.

Who did Hannity have a show with?

Hannity & Colmes is a live television show on Fox News in the United States, hosted by Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes, who respectively presented a conservative and liberal perspective. The series premiered on October 7, 1996, and the final episode aired on January 9, 2009.