Does Demon Crest have multiple endings?

Does Demon Crest have multiple endings?

Depending on the player’s choices, three different endings are possible in this battle. The worst ending has Firebrand killing Phalanx and leaving the Demon Realm as it falls into complete anarchy, while a more favorable ending has Phalanx sealing himself inside the Crest of Heaven and Firebrand hiding all the Crests.

How many levels are in demon crest?

At the end of his final battle, Firebrand was ambushed by his nemesis, Phalanx, and the stones are stolen. Now, Firebrand must recover the stones before humans and demons fall under Phalanx’s sinister rule. Breathe fire, claw walls, and hover across seven intense levels of the Demon Realm.

Who made Demon’s Crest?

Demon’s Crest/Developers

Is demons crest a metroidvania?

Demon’s Crest isn’t a horror game in the way the term is often used today. There are no survival elements to the game, and the main character, a demon named Firebrand, doesn’t feel underpowered. Rather, it’s a well-made side-scroller platformer with some RPG elements that falls squarely in the Metroidvania subgenre.

How long is demon crest?

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What do talismans do in Demon’s Crest?

The are five talismans in Demon’s Crest that Firebrand can obtain, but can equip only one at a time: Skull: Allows Firebrand to capture Soul energy more easily. Armor: Helps to withstand the shock of attacks. Fang: Increases magical power.

How do you get to Crest of Heaven?

Beat him for the Time Crest. This allows Firebrand to transform into the Legendary Gargoyle, which has a doubled HP meter. When you have all the items in the game except for the final crest, go to Level 7 and head all the way to the end. Beat the boss, Phalanx and he’ll relinquish the Crest of Heaven.

What do talismans do in demon crest?

Hand. The Hand talisman increases Firebrand’s damage by accelerating his rate of fire.

What does Vellum do in demons crest?

Also, the player can collect life extensions, urns (used to store potions), vellums (used to contain spells), potions, talismans and spells.

What does Vellum do in Demon’s Crest?

The spell system on Demon’s Crest is in place to allow players the means to create and cast various spells to augment their usual offensive abilities. Before a spell can be cast, Firebrand is first required to obtain vellum, which is essentially a blank scrap of parchment which a spell can be inscribed upon.

How do you use the talisman demon crest?

Drop all the way down to the ground. You’ll see a door on the left wall. Enter it and headbutt the third statue (the one farthest to the left) to get the Crown. When you equip it, the Crown increases the chances of receiving money from defeated enemies and destroyed objects.