Who will exit 2021?

Who will exit 2021?

EXIT Festival is held on 8-11 July at the Petrovaradin Fortress and showcases some ot the most wanted world superstars such as David Guetta, DJ Snake, Sabaton, Charlotte de Witte, Roni Size, Jonas Blue, Paul Kalkbrenner, Solomun, Amelie Lens, Maceo Plex, Roni Size, DJ Topic, Robin Schulz, Asaf Avidan, Satori, Boris …

What is Exit Festival in Serbia?

Exit (festival)

Genre Rock, techno, electronic dance music, metal, hip hop, reggae, punk, drum and bass
Dates Four days, starting on the second Thursday of July 7–10 July 2022
Location(s) Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Serbia
Coordinates 45.2500°N 19.8667°ECoordinates:45.2500°N 19.8667°E

Where is the Exit Festival held?

Petrovaradin Fortress
Held every July in and around Novi Sad’s sprawling Petrovaradin Fortress, Exit Festival drew around 180,000 people spread across four nights (the event wrapped up in the early morning hours Monday), according to organizers.

Where is MTS dance arena?

Novi Sad
This year, the famous Arena will showcase even more innovations to be experienced live at the magnificent site of the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia.

How do you get to Exit Festival?

From your starting point, the closest airport to EXIT festival (Novi Sad, Serbia) is the Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla, 80km or 1-1.5 hours away. Other best solution is the Budapest airport in Hungary. Only 286km (4-5 hours) from Novi Sad, Budapest airport has a good deal of low-cost flights every day.

How many stages are in exit?

40 stages
EXIT is an award-winning summer music festival that takes place at the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia, with more than 1000 artists who play at over 40 stages and festival zones.

Where was Exit Festival 2021 held?

Petrovaradin Fortress2021 EXIT / Location

When did the Exit Festival begin?

August 28, 2000Exit / First event date

How do I get to Novi Sad?

The train stops at Stara Pazova and Inđija and takes 100 minutes to get to Novi Sad, with magnificent Vienna as its final destination. The slower trains leave Belgrade at 10am, 3pm and 7.23pm, taking just over two hours to traverse the 96 kilometres between the capital and Novi Sad.