What is discourse in religion?

What is discourse in religion?

Discourses of religion are forms of social interaction in which a connection to religion is foregrounded. All types of religious discourse have the function of doing religious identity work, while it is also possible for social interaction itself to be sustained by religious membership.

What is the discursive theory?

Discursive sociology focuses on the interpretive systems and practices through which members deal with behavior. The crucial feature of the discursive approach is that behavior is viewed as meaningful by virtue of its articulation with a system of discourse rather than by virtue of its being “meant” or motivated.

What is discursive structure?

“Discursive structures are those. structures whose presence or absence and. their being changed and transformed in the. utterances or texts would create different.

What is an example of religious discourse?

Examples of such forms of discourse might include sudi varied phenomena as polite formulas of greeting, epic poems, ritual mantras, scientific papers, or children’s counting-out rhymes.

What did Foucault mean by discourse?

Discourse, as defined by Foucault, refers to: ways of constituting knowledge, together with the social practices, forms of subjectivity and power relations which inhere in such knowledges and relations between them. Discourses are more than ways of thinking and producing meaning.

What is a discourse in the Bible?

discoursenoun. extended verbal expression in speech or writing. sermon, discourse, preachingnoun. an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)

What does Foucault mean by discourse?

What is narrative in religion?

Personal narrative is discussed as a genre which represents the collective tradition of a religious community. It is a socially-learned speech act and a means of interpreting and sharing religious ex- perience, thus constructing and confirming the faith of the community, both individually and collectively.

What are the three basic concept of religion?

As this paper shows, three main uses are currently dominant: religion as belief/meaning, religion as identity, and religion as structured social relations.