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How do I hide static text in MFC?

How do I hide static text in MFC?

To hide/show any type of window, you use the ShowWindow method of CWnd (or the equiv Win32 call, if not using MFC). You should not use IDC_STATIC for static windows you want to update.

How do I change the static text in MFC?

  1. Open the Toolbox (View >> Toolbox)
  2. Drag a Static Text to the dialog window, inside the Properties window of the Static Text, rename. Caption to “Button Clicks”
  3. Drag another Static Text next to the “Button Clicks”, inside the Properties window, change. ID to “IDC_ECHO_AREA” Caption to “0” Client Edge to True.

Which control is used to display statics picture on from?

It is represented by CStatic class. It can be used to label, box, or separate other controls. A static control normally takes no input and provides no output….MFC – Static Text.

Sr.No. Name & Description
8 SetCursor Specifies a cursor image to be displayed in the static control.

What is handle in MFC?

The Problem. Windows objects are typically represented by various HANDLE objects The MFC classes wrap Windows object handles with C++ objects. The handle wrapping functions of the MFC class library let you find the C++ object that is wrapping the Windows object that has a particular handle.

What is a dynamic text?

Dynamic text is text on a layout that changes based on the current properties of the project, map frame, map, and so on. You can add dynamic text to include the following information: A user name. The average value of a field in a map.

What is a static text?

Static text is display text that is not changed at run time. However, static text allows the designer many options at author time. Similar to text boxes in layout programs, Flash’s static text boxes can be scaled, rotated, skewed, flipped, and moved.

What is a static control?

A static control is a control that enables an application to provide the user with informational text and graphics that typically require no response.

What is used to display a static text?

Static text boxes are used to display text not modified by users. Static text boxes are a variation of ordinary, editable text boxes. 1. Click on the Insert Static Text Box button in the Tools toolbar.