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Where is Pukepoto?

Where is Pukepoto?

Northland, New Zealand
Pukepoto is a town in Northland, New Zealand. It lies south west of Kaitaia and north east of Ahipara. The Herekino Forest lies to the south east. Pukepoto is a cobalt blue pigment which can be found in clay rock.

What does Ahipara mean in english?

The little settlement of Ahipara is at the southernmost extremity of the matchless Ninety Mile Beach. The name, meaning ‘sacred fire’, was bestowed by Te Rarawa whose ancestral waka, the Tinana, made landfall here.

How Ahipara got its name?

The name comes from the Māori language words ahi, meaning fire, and para, a large fern, and can be translated as “a fire at which para was cooked”. Prior to the late 18th century, the area was called Wharo, which means “stretched out”.

How did Kaitaia get its name?

Kaitaia derives its name from a Maori word meaning “food destroyed by floods.” It is a business and administrative centre for the dairy, sheep, and mushroom farms of the northernmost part of the island. It has road connections to Auckland (145 miles [233 km] southeast).

What is the Te Rarawa Waka?

Te Rarawa traces its beginning to the time of Tarutaru and back to the waka Tinana and Māmari. In modern times, Te Rarawa hapū and marae are formally represented by Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa. Legally constituted in 1988, the Rūnanga began its formal life two years earlier at Te-Roopu-a-Iwi o Te Rarawa.

Is Kaitaia safe?

With a population of about 5000, Kaitaia punches above its weight when it comes to public place violence. A Statistics NZ/Newshub investigation reveals the town makes the top 10 list for assaults and robberies in small town neighbourhoods.

What tribe is Kaitaia?

The name Kaitaia means ample food, kai being the Māori word for food. The Muriwhenua are a group of six northern Māori iwi occupying the northernmost part of the North Island surrounding Kaitaia….

Island North Island
Region Northland
Territorial authority Far North District
Ward Northern

Who was the chief of Te Rarawa?

Whare Tupuna (Meeting House) Poroa was a well-known chief of Te Rarawa.

Where did Te Rarawa come from?

Te Rarawa is a Māori iwi of Northland, New Zealand. The iwi is one of the six Muriwhenua iwi of the far north of the North Island.

Is Ngatiwai a hapu?

Ngātiwai is unified by its descent from one of the oldest lineages in Taitokerau, Ngāti Manaia. After the time of Te Rangihokaia, himself a descendent of Manaia, a number of key marriages cemented the relationship between Ngātiwai and the Kawerau hapū of Ngāti Rehua and Ngāti Manuhiri.