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What is a gridded cartogram?

What is a gridded cartogram?

Gridded cartograms are a new map projection. They are created by starting with an equally distributed grid onto which a density-equalising cartogram technique is applied. It allows gridded cartograms to be used as basemaps, new projections, onto which other information can be mapped.

How does a cartogram represent population?

An area cartogram is a map that alters an entire physical location by scaling a chosen economic, social, political, or environmental factor. In this cartogram the size of a country is built using square grids, each representing 1 million people – the larger the total population, the larger the country.

What is a cartogram map best used for?

Cartograms are used for thematic mapping. They are a particular class of map type where some aspect of the geometry of the map is modified to accommodate the problem caused by perceptually different geographies.

What are cartographic diagrams?

Diagram maps or cartograms are cartographic forms of expression where values or properties are visualised in the form of diagrams on top of a simplified topographic map.

Why is cartogram important in geographic analysis?

Whatever their name, cartograms are unique representations of geographical space. Examined more closely, the value-by-area mapping technique encodes the mapped data in a simple and efficient manner with no data generalization or loss of detail. Two forms, contiguous and non-contiguous, have become popular.

What is meant by cartogram?

Definition of cartogram : a map showing geographically diagrammatic statistics of various kinds usually by the use of shades, curves, or dots.

How do cartograms work?

A cartogram is a map in which the geometry of regions is distorted in order to convey the information of an alternate variable. The region area will be inflated or deflated according to its numeric value.

What do you mean by cartograms?

A cartogram (also called a value-area map or an anamorphic map, the latter common among German-speakers) is a thematic map of a set of features (countries, provinces, etc.), in which their geographic size is altered to be directly proportional to a selected ratio-level variable, such as travel time, population, or GNP.

What are contiguous cartograms?

A cartogram is map where the geographic features are located and sized based on the intensity of variable. Contiguous cartograms, while distorting the geographic shape and size of individual polygon features, maintain spatial connectedness to neighboring polygons.

When should you not use a cartogram?

When Not to Use a Cartogram Maps depend on variation in scale to represent a large area and a cartogram is not a true representation of the real-world area and may give incomplete information. One of the disadvantages of the cartogram is that it inevitably changes the visual representation of geography.