Where can I watch Chiller Theater?

Where can I watch Chiller Theater?
Chiller Night Theater can be watched on Stream TV every Saturday night at 9 PM (ET) at

When did Chiller Theater go off the air?

Chiller Theatre, or Chiller Theater, was a late-night horror and science fiction movie program on WIIC/WPXI, Channel 11, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It aired from September 14, 1963 to January 1, 1984.

What genre is american Chillers?

horror novels
American Chillers and its predecessor series Michigan Chillers are a series of horror novels for children written by author Christopher Wright under the pen name of Johnathan Rand.

Who wrote Michigan Chillers?

Johnathan Rand
Christopher Wright
American Chillers/Authors

One of the first series books we introduced to our son was the Michigan Chillers series, written by local author Johnathan Rand.

Who was terminal stare?

Donna Rae
Chiller Theater (TV Series 1963–1984) – Donna Rae as Terminal Stare – IMDb.

Who was the midget on Chiller Theater?

Stephen Michael Luncinski
Stephen Michael Luncinski, known for playing the impish Stefan, the Castle Prankster, on Bill Cardille’s “Chiller Theater,” died suddenly at his Baldwin home last week. He was 52, and the cause of death is unknown at this time.

What happened to the Chiller channel?

On November 16, 2017, NBC Universal Cable Networks confirmed that the channel would end all operations on December 31. Good night!”, after which the channel spaces created by Fearnet in 2006 and Chiller in 2007 both folded and ceased to exist. Its website was redirected to that of Syfy a few hours before.

Who writes American Chillers?

Johnathan Rand is a multimillion–selling author, popular for his “Michigan Chillers” and “American Chillers” book series. These books fall under the category of horror–fiction and were first published in 2001.