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What is SD ratio in MU Online?

What is SD ratio in MU Online?

SD Rise/Ratio,% Standard for PvP in MuOnline 90% of the damage falls on the SD, and 10% for HP. If the armor / shield has the option SD damage absorb rate of 5%, then your SD in the attack will take 95% damage, and HP – 5%.

How do I get rid of yellow in MU?

For the Excellent items, the Yellow Option can only be removed with the help of [Jeridon]. The Yellow Option from Ancient items can only be changed through Web Shop. Ancient items with Yellow Option cannot be sold to the NPC or traded. Semi-Uber Items can remove their Yellow Option by using Jewel of Extraction.

How do you upgrade items in MU Online?

Simply drag and drop and Jewel of Life onto an item to upgrade it!

How do you upgrade your lucky items in MU Online?

Ancient Lucky Ticket Items cannot be upgraded in any way….

  1. Jewel of Extension will restore 100% durability of Lucky Ticket Items.
  2. Jewel of Extension can be obtained by refining Lucky Ticket Items.
  3. Jewel of Extension can also be purchased via the Cash Item Shop.
  4. Cannot be traded, exchanged, nor stored in Vault.

How do I add luck MU Online?

  1. Purchase Luck item ticket and click on the “Use” button.
  2. Go to Elbeland and find out David.
  3. Talk to David and click on the “Exchange” button.
  4. Put Lucky Item Ticket and click on the combination button.

How do you get to the land of trials in MU?

Basic settings. – Click the guard NPC to enter to the Land of Trials. – The Castle Lord and his guild members can enter the zone without restrictions. – Regular players who do not belong to the Castle Lord’s Guild or Allies may be restricted from entering the map depending on the Castle Lord’s setting.

How do you get jewel of the Guardian in MU Online?

Go to Noria. Talk to Chaos Goblin (180×103). And Push The Last Option “Item Option Combination”. And add this items: 1x Jewel of Harmony 1x Jewel of Guardian then push Combine.

How do you use jewel extension in MU?

  1. Click on the “Refine Lucky Item” button.
  2. Put any items in order to create Jewel of Extension.
  3. Click the on combination button.
  4. Obtain Jewel of Extension at certain rate. This process can be failed at a certain rate. Jewel of Extension is used for increasing durability of Lucky items.