What articulates with tubercle of rib?

What articulates with tubercle of rib?

The rib tubercle articulates with the transverse process of a thoracic vertebra. The angle is the area of greatest rib curvature and forms the largest portion of the thoracic cage.

What are 3 types of ribs?

According to their attachment to the sternum, the ribs are classified into 3 groups: true, false, and floating ribs.

Where is the tubercle of rib located?

The tubercle is a bony prominence located at the junction between the neck and body which projects posteriorly.

What are the 4 different places where ribs attach?

Ribs connect to vertebrae at the costovertebral joints. The parts of a rib include the head, neck, body (or shaft), tubercle, and angle.

What is the tubercle of rib?

Tubercle. The tubercle, immediately after the neck, is a prominence on the external surface of the rib which contains a medial facet that articulates with the transverse process of the numerically corresponding vertebra. The non-articular part provides attachment for the lateral costotransverse ligament.

What runs in the costal groove?

The intercostal artery, vein, and nerve run along the inferior aspect of each rib, occasionally running underneath a ledge in the costal groove.

What is rib tubercle?

What is the importance of the tubercle of a rib?

The tubercle of the rib is functionally important because this is the point of articulation with the transverse costal facet of the vertebra the rib is numbered for. For example, the tubercle of rib 5 articulates with the transverse costal facet of thoracic vertebra 5.

Which ribs connect to which vertebrae?

The number is the same in both males and females. Each pair articulates with a different thoracic vertebra on the posterior side of the body. The most superior rib is designated rib 1 and it articulates with the T1 thoracic vertebrae. The rib below that is rib 2, and it connects to the T2 thoracic vertebra, and so on.

What is the sternum?

The sternum is a partially T-shaped vertical bone that forms the anterior portion of the chest wall centrally. The sternum is divided anatomically into three segments: manubrium, body, and xiphoid process. The sternum connects the ribs via the costal cartilages forming the anterior rib cage.