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What do the Brahmins eat?

What do the Brahmins eat?

Many Hindus are indeed vegetarian but many, including Brahmins, eat meat. In fact, for the warrior castes, meat was an important part of their diet, vital in building the physical strength needed for battle. It is the belief of one high-ranking caste, the Kayastha, that vegetarianism is for rabbits.

Do Indian Brahmins eat meat?

Are Odia Brahmins non vegetarians? – Quora. A2A. Yes. East Indian brahmins and few groups of North Indian ones are predominantly non vegetarians.

Do North Indian Brahmins eat meat?

No, North Indian Brahmin do not eat Beef. Even most of the Hindu don’t eat Beef. Note: Beef is not limited to Cow Meat only, Buffalo meat is also included in this.

Is it okay for a Brahmin to eat non veg?

“Brahmins do not eat non vegetarianfood” is partially right. Brahmins in the north east,specially the Bengali and Assamese brahmins eat non vegetarian food. There is no restrictions upon foods in hinduism. The Rishis or high level Monks used to eat meat and wine in the old days.

Why do Brahmins not eat bottle gourd?

Ivy gourd is avoided because it resembles mother holy cow’s udder. Mushrooms are totally considered as non-vegetarian food. It is only their mind set not to eat other vegetables which are not native to the region of their own.

Why do Brahmins eat meat?

Why then did the Brahmins give up meat-eating and become vegetarians? It was because they did not want to put themselves merely on the same footing in the eyes of the public as the Buddhist Bhikshus. The giving up of the Yajna system and abandonment of the sacrifice of the cow could have had only a limited effect.

What happens if a Brahmin eats meat?

Well Brahmins even ate beef! One who refuses to eat meat during sacred occasion will take 21 births of sacrificial animals is what written in Manusmriti. During Buddhism era Brahmins banned eating beef.