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Why is Mrs Bigio mean to Mai Thi in the lunch line?

Why is Mrs Bigio mean to Mai Thi in the lunch line?

Why is Mrs. Bigio mean to Mai Thi in the lunch line? Mrs. Bigio is mean to Mai Thi because she blames “her people” (the Vietnamese) for the death of her husband.

Why has Dink Meeker refused to get promoted?

Ender and Dink have a talk one day where it comes out that Dink was promoted twice but refused to be a commander because he does not believe in the school. Dink says that he believes children are not meant to be commanders of armies, they are meant to be children.

Why does Ender want Peter to love him?

In the end it is his love that makes him strong enough to go on, and that forever separates him from Peter, who would not do anything for love. Ender hates himself because he is like Peter, and now his sister, the one person he truly loves, is asking him to go back to being like Peter in order to save her life.

Why does Holy’s father compare to Shylock?

Why does Holling compare his father to Shakespeare’s character, Shylock? He wonders how his dad likes it when people go down. Mrs. Baker drove him tothe hospital and Danny’s parents drove him home from the play.

How did Meryl Lee Mai Thi and Holling help Danny?

Danny has a crush on Mai Thi, and he takes her to an expensive restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Near the end of the school year, as Danny prepares for his bar mitzvah, Holling, Mai Thi, and Meryl Lee listen to him recite his Hebrew readings to help him prepare.

What nationality is Rose the Nose?

The commander of Rat Army is Rose “de Nose,” a Jewish student who trades on the legend that “Jewish generals didn’t lose wars” (8.32). Rose assigns Ender to Dink Meeker’s toon (short for “platoon” – see, most armies are split into four toons of ten kids).

What have the Buggers built Ender on the New World?

What have the buggers built of Ender on the new world? A bugger queen pupa.

Why does Valentine help Peter?

Valentine knows that Peter can find peoples fears and manipulate them and that she can persuade people to do what she wants them to do, and realizes that there is much of Peter in her—they both manipulate in their own ways. He has a plan to take over the world.

How does Valentine bribe Peter?

How does Valentine bribe Peter? She devises a plan to keep Ender from Earth or Peter would have used him for his own means.